Stage 3? What?



People are already asking for Stage 3 and I’m just sitting waiting like this for 20 minutes to connect to one game on console. c’mon people!

Oh and please take this lightly, or don’t…whatever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My guess is Stage 3 will be the full launch. I could totally be wrong about that though.


I think stage 3 is probably another thing to do with the story


lawl, i hope they not making us pay for stage 3 if it even come out!


unless it is a separate game they cant


Stage 3 is obviously the new evolve it will be console exclusive just to show how much pc isn’t master race!

it will take place on shaer the nextdoor neighbor to shear!

The new monsters will be kaken golith wroith behmoth and grogon!


those console tags shouldn’t exist


sounds about right for a console only version :wink:


Wroith OP!


It moves around too fast how are you supposed to hit it? Better turn on aim bot aim assist.


you know… i read something else entirely and was shocked this didn´t allready got flagged.
wow my brain does weird stuff.


It’s Goober Nooba is too strong. Lasts way too long.


Don’t worry the devs will save you with their bat of nerfing.


They need to fix Goliths floor broth too. It does too much damage and takes no skill.


I mean all you do is point it in the direction of the hunters and they can’t even dodge it and it instantly kills them obviously broken.


I know! Don’t even get me started on the jumpy flop. Half the time he clearly misses and it hits hunters anyway.


Yeah a radius of 30m is way too broken it should be like 2m that’d be balanced.


They need to nerf traversals too! It should just be one and have a 45 second recharge. How am I suppose to dodge since he can keep up with me because I needed my jet pack to triple dodge.


Yeah they can cover the map way too fast like 10x faster than me they need to make it fair and let me keep up with the monster at all times so he can’t get that OP armour back.


Jetpack should be infinite.