Stage 3 Relay Timer Missing


So did I miss something in the micropatch? Two games now you’ve had a monster go stage 3 on us and when we set up to defend no timer triggers. In one match, the timer finally DID trigger, but AFTER the monster had downed us all.

Did I miss something? lol :caira_cute:


The timer begins after 18? Minutes, its a time thing, not a monster stage thing


I see. Was this always the case? I could have sworn it always kicked in at Stage 3… Or maybe I just never had a monster stage up so quick?


It was probably a slow evolver, the 2 instances you speak of sound like a speed feeder, the feed speed buff allows for crazy fast evos, once had stage 3 in 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Im a very speedy monster player so by the time you drop in im already stage two and halfway to three XD


Yes, the timer always kicks in at 17 minutes. Not 18, @Quirkly. Three minutes on the clock.


Oh fuff, i never notice until it reaches 2, the noise is so annoying -.-


Me neither, actually, but it kicks in with 2:59 at 17 minutes. It only ever becomes clear at 18 though, because at 17 I’m usually locked in mortal combat with a giant alien monster.


Im usually the giant alien monster combating you :stuck_out_tongue:


I switch a lot, depending on whether Shin is present and my mood.


Im currently getting my booty taken by a Kraken ;-;
This is why i dont like hunter -.-


Well thanks for clearing that up for me all! The fact that I’ve never noticed this before honestly surprises me; but I’ve also never seen someone speed rush stages so fast before (he DID have feed speed BTW, it was obvious when he’d eat corpses so fast he made our Laz cry).