Stage 3 needs nerf across the board?


To me, any monster who does not engage at stage 2 when it has decent armor to fight, will pay when we fight near the end. If a monster doesn’t go for strikes against my buddies and I, 9 times out of 10 we will beat any monster at the end.


You’re fighting a BOSS for gods sake. No.

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if you are fighting against a stage 3 monster, then your team did something wrong.


Not necessarily, i used to be a very sneaky monster and pair absolute stealth in a cave with no birds, no prints, and the 75% feeding speed increase i had evolved to stage two the moment the hunters had boots on the ground so sometimes its isnt the hunters fault


The weird choice of the minimap toggling off vital HUD information might add to Hunter problems cutting off monsters correctly.


While your points are thorough, I am gonna have to respectfully disagree. The Monster is SUPPOSE to be able to wipe the floor with the Hunters, not only because its the Monsters final form and suppose to be considerably more powerful, its also suppose to serve as a punishment for letting the monster become so strong. If it had been tracked better, such as paying close attention to corpses, knocked over foliage, and the wildlife, then you may not have had to fight it at Stage 3. Its still early in the games lifecycle, and people just need to learn how to properly track the monster.

And as for the running until its Stage 3, why should a monster engage a group of hunters when it is equal to or weaker then the Hunters? Thats just dumb all around as the monster. I can understand maybe to weaken the Hunters as a whole, but as someone who predominately plays Monster, I am gonna fight the Hunters when Im at my strongest and fight on my terms.


That is somewhat true,but it becomes very boring game when the monster only rushes to three without any fighting unless domed. Wnich for hunters become boring


My thoughts are that if they can’t dome me stage 1/2 to get some damage on me then they deserve the roflstomp I give them.

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I’ve made this point before, but the job descriptions are pretty self-evident. It is not the Monster’s duty to entertain the Hunters. It is the Monster’s duty to hit S3 and get at dat relay, yo. Hunters are sort of a nuisance, and if they all happen to die on the way to the relay, well then …

Personally, when I play Hunter, I’m not bored (exception: Wraith) with a sneaky beastie.

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An argument from the other side “It’s frustrating as hell to get domed at stage 1 and never be given a chance to be on even ground with the hunters”.

If there is ever a stage 3 nerf, it needs to be accompanied by significant buffs to stage 1.

But I hope it never happens. That is part of the draw of evolve, the shifting power dynamic. By all means, nerf or change how easy or hard it is to get to different stages but do not change the fact that a full health, stage 3 is going to be an incredible challenge.

And also games where teams are evenly balanced rarely result in stage 3 full health/no strike fights. Often they are 1/3 or 1/2 health versus 3 or 4 strikes. Stage 3 is the most damaging monster but that’s their reward for playing the weak creature that the hunters pick on prior to that moment.

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^ Yep, all of this.

You didn’t catch me at S1, you’re gonna pay for it.

It’s why I also prefer to get beaten than quit if I’m losing – just two days ago I had yet another epic scrap that went down to the wire, and I won with about 10% of one health bar left.

NOTHING feels like that! :laughing:

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Yup my favorite experience recently was as Kraken vs a team with Laz and I had only 1 strike on Laz at stage 2 and I wasa running from a fight ready to evolve. They had a Cabot (pre-nerf) shooting me with the rail gun. I GOT AWAY WITH ABOUT 1/4 OF A SINGLE BAR OF HP.

I thought it was over but I made to the other side of weather control, the caves with the building on the far end and evolved inside it. They were so confident they had me, Parnell came by himself right as I finished evolving so I managed to pounce and eat him before Laz could save him. Then Cabot came and I pounced and ate him too. Now it was just Laz and Griffin and because I just had 4 meats + an evolve there was no way they could kill me with a few bars of armor and like 3 bars of health.

Closest game I’ve ever played, I still can’t believe I won. And it was possible partially due to the shifting power curve.

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no if u cant get dmg on the monster till hes fighting for the relay then ure team fucked up pretty badly


I was grinning ear-to-ear reading that!

Moments like that are what make this title special, and it’s sad that people are so eager to give up before really learning the intricacies of this game.

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Personally I hate to enter stage three. I swear the hunter magically go immortal at that evolution stage. Maps like wraith trap and medlab are the worst. Hunters just run around the circle and it’s impossible to hit them with abilities/melees.

Now it looks as if damaging power source destroys pieces needed for this ring-around-the-rosey game. Which thank god.

So no, stage three should not be nerfed. Unless the wraith, if you didn’t catch up to the monster before hand, that’s your fault. All fair game imo.


I understand the intention behind your suggestion, but i think its the wrong way to go about it. Even if you nerf stage 3, ppl will always rush to S3 because it is objectively stronger.

The approach i would take would be to actually buff stage 2 and put it at the same level as what is S3 right now. What i would then do is buff S3 but make it almost impossible to reach S3. Also, I would make it so stage three is only reach through combat. For example, Stage three can only be reached by eating 4 hunters. This would force combat to happen, and would mean that monsters would have the real advantage that they were advertised to have at S3. lets be honest. S3 monster does not have an advantage over hunters. If it did, monsters wouldnt have below 50% WLR at S3.

EDIT: Lore-wise, i would say that the reason hunters are able to survive attacks from monsters is because hunters were enhanced with drugs. And because monsters eat enough hunters, and consequently said drugs, this is what forms a mutation to stage 3 :smiley:

I should be creative director for evolve 2 lmao


Instead of getting all this standard “nerf this, nerf that”, why don’t you contribute to adding a positive thing into the game? A stage 3 doesn’t need to be weaker if you find a way for stage 1 and 2 monsters to engage hunters more often. Promote combat instead of limiting it. You make a monster weaker? They’ll keep running. You prevent it from being able to run away fast? It’ll become sneaky.

Allow a stage 1 or 2 monster to regenerate more health when it hits stage 2 or 3 and there’s more incentive to fight at said stage. Before you judge, imagine that good hunters will be able to locate a monster while its evolving. It’ll have no armour once it’s evolved and the extra health will burn off just as easily. However the health return you get from evolving would be a good excuse to fight some more. After all… You don’t fight, you don’t get the return.


My main is trapper, and i always play in pub. I never let the monster get S3 before dome him 2-3 times at least.


Nerf Stage 3 for all monsters?

Wow you really don’t like Evolve do you. I bet you think Torvald and Sunny are UP too. Any more nerfs to monsters imo will most likely be the death of this game.


To be fair if a monster doesnt get any strikes, the power relay fight should be a peice of cake for a hunter team, if youre playing with randoms then thats your problem, a good team rarley loses at the power relay fight against a monster even with full health and armor, it only takes torvald 2-3 mortar strkes to finish the armour, depending on the monster, even if theyre only evading in the dome, then your best bet is to keep your distance then catch them evolving and shred the health, another thing people forget is location of the dome matters the most. I personally have no problem with monsters who run till stage 3 we still win