Stage 3 monsters at relay


There has to be a fix for hunters that move to distant areas and shoot the monster off of the relay because they can’t win an actual fight. After losing too many fights as a stage 3 monster with health ranging from full to half, I have found it ridiculous that bad hunters can camp and kite monsters to death. Recently I lost a hunt match on distillery as a stage 3 Behemoth with full armor and 8 bars of health because the hunters kept shooting me off of the relay and the area they were in was impossible for me to do any damage to them without losing all of my armor and large portions of my health. There needs to be something done about this, maybe make the monsters unable to be shot off of the relay for every small bullet or two that hits them. Maybe after receiving a certain amount of damage, maybe 3 bars of armor or 1 bar of health, stop attack the relay. As it is, it is too easy for hunters to kite Behemoth at stage 3. Many of you might say that ending the game at stage 2 is the best thing to do for any monster, but there are three monster stages for a reason. Stage 3 should not be a last resort.

TL;DR: something needs to be done about relay camping. It is out of control with all of the bad monster relays in the game.


IMO if you’re a behemoth and know you’re going stage 3 then you need to take at least 1 if not 2 in rockwall. Cabot teams change this a little but in general you can slowly take the generator out unless they commit more fully to an attack, and if you are the master of them then it should be a quick fight at that point.


I have to agree with this in a way… Stage 3 is suppose to make you feel powerful, but currently it doesn’t, because hunters have way too much control of the battlefield in most relays. Stage 3 should not be a last resort. Countless times have I heard that hunters will have a difficult time against a stage three monster with no health damage…

As of now, stage 3 is only useful for that drawing put that pesky fleeing last hunter, and when health is very low at stage 2, which at the point the evolve might not even be worth it. I mean I have learned to deal with it, and I will either win or take the loss… I really don’t have much to suggest to fix this. Though, I think if Evolve had destructable environments, that would help with pillars and stuff, but I think that would require a different engine or something.

However. i did read something from one of the devs that an ucoming patch will not allow hunters to stand on certain pillars near the relays, and there will be map changes. not sure what thread it was on.



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In the Behemoth game I was talking about I had 3 LVB and 3 Fissure, 2 RW, and 1 tongue grab. The enemy team had sunny, torvald, slim, and griffin. oddly enough the splash damage from sunnys mininuke went through RW preventing me from attacking the relay. That and Torvalds damn mortars.


Honestly that’s just you man i never have problems killing hunters on any map trying to relay camp and if you can’t kill em in a postion as behemoth try something else


Trust me, it’s not just me. I know how to wipe a pro team of hunters at stage one. I was just saying that with the specific setup of hunters, them coming to me wasn’t a problem for them, they could mortar me from afar and splash damage through my wall to keep me from attacking relay.