Stage 3 aftershock really hasnt changed much


Im not really surprised by this, since in the patch notes it says the distance is only decreased by one meter. Its still a very undodgable move, if the monster is divebombing. Im kind of confused where the choice came from to only decrease it by one meter, since so many people have been having problems with it, but at least its finally something getting neefed about it :grinning:


It’s meant to be a nerf to people that complain about it. It wasn’t nerfed enough to make a balanced ability garbage.


Yeah. I’d rather they “only” changed it by 1m, then changed it by 5m, and ruined the ability. It’s a step in the right direction. If it’s still performing better than it should be, then I am sure it will be altered accordingly.


I wouldnt say it was that balanced. the advice people give to defend against it is literally to take a hit for the team. Im not saying this as a hunter though, every time I play as Kraken you can do nasty things with it.


True, we dont want them going too far. I was just really hoping if anything that divebombing stopped being so powerful.


It’s Krakens reliable damage. It’s meant to be a panic ability, aka make hunters burn jetpack. It’s also meant to crush players that stand close together. It isn’t meant to be dodged unless you specifically counter it which is fair since every other Kraken ability can be dodged.


I would undertand that, but the cooldown is way too short and the damage is too high for it to be a panic ability. It can be hard for a medic to outheal aftershock damage on its own because of how fast it can be used.


True. At the radius it now is, I think teams need to spread out a bit more, to avoid having more than 1 person being caught in the AS. As a Kraken player, I think the AS damage needs to be tuned down slightly tho. The radius on the other hand, I would not like to be nerfed significantly more. The whole point of it, is that it’s an AOE ability. Against good teams, it’s the only ability Kraken has (apart from perhaps Vortex) that actually will damage more than 1 player at a time.

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I’d be fine with a slight reduction to damage on AS and a slight increase to LS detonation time. Kraken would be pretty balanced then.

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There are two categories of complainers. Those that complain that the Kraken is in the air all the time and harpoons can’t bring him down to where you can shoot him, and those that complain that the Kraken is down where you can shoot him and doing damage there.

It’s like the dog that finally caught the car.


By running in front of it.


Good Krakens dont use aftershock on the ground, they stay in the air while using aftershock for speed and drop down for the hit, and instantly fly away.

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I think lightning strike detonates quick enough after the micropatch. At least from my experience it works pretty well.


The issue is at high level it’s being chained with vortex/mines for absolutely no counterplay. Pre buff the hunter had about half a second to dodge after the tumble now they have no time. An extra .1-.2 s would allow for it to have counterplay at high level without changing low level play.

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Oh, I thought you were saying they should buff LS more.


Remember that this radius reduction was also made at the same time as harpoons being more effective. There are a lot of moving pieces to balance and looking at one change by itself doesn’t give you the whole picture.

Not saying it is perfectly balanced yet because I haven’t played enough, but it should be much easier for Griffins and Maggies to pull Kraken away from his target.


The issue with Aftershock isn’t just that it has massive range and damage, but that its also on a short-as-crap cooldown. Keep everything the same but give it the same cooldown as Decoy and it’d be fine.

Also, the current issues are that LS and Banshees combined with Vortex and the ease of use with Aftershock are really overbearing. Kraken can tumble Hunters all over the place from whereever he wants and there’s not really anything they can do about it. It’s easy to say to just jetpack out of Aftershock when assuming beneficial conditions, but what about when a Hunter’s been Vortex’d back into a corner? Rock Throw can still be dodged, Warp Blast can still be dodged, Fissure can still be dodged. Nothing to do against Aftershock, and a close-range Vortex cannot be dodged, meaning the Kraken can literally get up in your face and stun-lock you in the range where its supposed to be massively crippled.

Aftershock needs to either hit less hard, or hit less frequently. If its going to be a last resort move for a grounded Kraken, fine, then give it the cooldown to be that instead of letting the Kraken rely on close range tactics. There are three other Monsters designed for in-your-face fighting, people can go play those if they want that. Stop making the ranged character so viable at close range.


Slight damage reduction for AS
Slight movement speed increase for LS, and return it’s activation time to pre buff values.


Couldn’t agree more. No skill, short cool down, insane damage, close range ability, and it’s on the longest range character? Makes 0 sense


A long cool down sounds like the best nerf for aftershock. You only really want to use it in case you get dragged down to the ground or if your getting harpooned/mined/sentried. Shouldn’t be used as a bomber move