Stage 2 Zoomed Screen View Bug [logged]


Hello, I’d like to report 2 bugs. I’m not sure if the second one is a bug though.
1st one: I am playing monster, and the camera shows really zoomed image. It’s like in an FPS game, and you are always holding the aim button, estimated like x4 zooming, I can only see my monster’s head, and a small portion of the view ahead. Later I tried several solo games, all are like this. But it was fixed with a game restart.
2nd one: Playing as a monster too, public hunt. The round just started with 4 people, I’m not sure why, the countdown just started with only 4 people. This one I guess there is something wrong with the 5th player.
Sorry if I’m not expressing clearly enough in English.

Evolve stage 2 beta issues with monster gameplay

Hi Jean, where you playing as Meteor Goliath when the camera was zoomed in? Did it happen with any other monsters?

The 2nd issue, sometimes the match will start with 4 people.


First time it happened, was when I chose Wraith in a public match. I lost, naturally. Then I tried about 3 times as Gorgon in solo, also with the same problem. I thought I made some screenshot, but now I cannot find any. Guess I didn’t capture any.
Several more details now I remember:

  1. When I open pause menu, the background shows the right, default camera.
  2. Sometimes when I use traversal or some skill, I think the camera got to default, but then quickly zoomed back into like x5.
    Sorry can’t provide more info, hope you find and fix this bug. Thanks.


Thank you for this info. If you see this again, please see if you can get a screen shot or video. Also, if you can remember what you were doing right before it happened that could help us track it down. :slight_smile:


my game every time I start playing as monster I keep lagging like crazy like unbearably, and I checked my modem and its fine and my internet is an Ethernet cable sooooooooo. and not only that but my health bar and abilities are zoomed way out to where I can barely see it like this is a real problem for me if yall would like I will make a video but I will not finish the match because it is too unbearable for me to handle.


A video would help a lot!


I was playing kraken when it happened to me and it happened twice after the second time I closed out the game I will get a video up soon but not today I have important family business to take care of, but none the less I will have it and I will put it


There’s a screen of the bug in question. Had it for a few games in a row, just trying a restart to see if that’ll fix it, but not many people have had the problem and there’s no concrete fix I can see. Tutorial worked fine, but my first and second matches as a monster didn’t which seriously hindered my enjoyment of the game.

Oh, and jumping snapped the camera to normal for about half a second, as did using some abilities.

Edit: It appears that it may have affected movement speed as well, although I can’t fully confirm this without testing. Also, restarting the game made the problem go away.


Yes, this was exactly my problem too, happened to my Wraith and Gorgon. Fixed by a game restart and never had this bug since then.


I got the video but it wont let me upload it, it keeps saying “this video is unauthorized.”


You won’t be able to upload it here, you’ll need to use a service like YouTube.


I have a video of it here (excuse the skype sfx).

And it has persisted through computer restart, all monsters and I even played a few hunter games between to see the same problem.


I had this same issue happening to me once with the Wraith. The screenshot and all the descriptions nailed it.

However, I have one more thing to say: Before this bug, I was playing as Rogue Valerie on another match, and the match ended with me zoomed in with my Tranquilizer Rifle (Or it could actually be my Sniper, I’m not sure now). I believe that ending a match with a zoomed in weapon is potentially causing the issue.


I’ve come back after two weeks and the problem is resolved. Has it been fixed for everyone or am I just lucky?


Same thing happened to me just now.

Here’s the sequence:

  • Played normally as Kraken in Weather Control and won due to the hunters abandoning.
  • Played as Kraken again, in Orbital Drill, but this time with the “zoomed in” bug.
  • Then I played with Goliath, in Distillery, again with the “zoomed in” bug.
  • Restarted the game, and played normally with Goliath in Weather Control: Overpowered.