Stage 2: XP, KEYS and Challenges bug (not earned after match)!


Sometime the game don’t give you any XP, silver KEYS and Challenge after a match, nothing at all, even if you win… pls FIX this bug :frowning:

Thank you.

EDIT: Ok, i got it… if the game give you a new Challenge when you are playing a match, when you go to the reward screen at the end of the match, you dont’ earn ANYTHING.
I started a match with no challenges, I finished a match (with a win) and i saw a new challenge “win a match”.
I didn’t unlocked the challenge even if I win and got 0 XP and 0 KEYS… guys, FIX ASAP!!!

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Same here. Got 0 Silver keys after I won as a monster even when I had 2 challenges up. (Win 1, Play 3 Games as Wraith/Assault/Trapper)


Yesterday i got the bug again with the same “pattern”… this is really annoying, pls devs, let we know something :frowning:


Annnd got again today, it’s REALLY annoying and no sign of fix on 2.01 update----


Same here.