Stage 2: Wraith stuck while evolving bug. Tied to decoy? (Video inside)

Could you do a simple beta test.

First . Recreate the issue with you kb and mouse
2nd. Recreate the issue with a controller.

okay, don’t mean to bump this unnecessarily.

this bug dont seem to happen anymore, just becareful of going too near walls before evolving.

and most importantly,

don’t evolve when the decoy is out. wait till you can enable decoy again then only do, i found that the evolve animation is never “weirded” out when the decoy is not out. i usually use decoy before evolving like a bodyguard but thats when the animation goes weird.

a friend also tried evolving while having decoy and it works but better be safe than sorry.

Happens to goliath too

Looks like ping related issues

Lost 3 matches and two ranked games because of that bug :frowning:

Sometimes when evolving the monster seems to bug out and either doesn’t evolve at all after the animation spams rapidly or it spams rapidly and eventually evolves, the problem is its makes evolving sometimes not work or makes it take almost 10 more seconds some times, I’ve just recently lost a game because of this so I wanted to see if anyone else was having this problem. Found out this has been happening for a while for some, just started happening to me since the new quantum patch. Just found out this bug is only affecting wraith at the moment, pretty sad but guess I will just have to not play wraith till this is fixed.

Not true, this happened to me weeks ago

hmm really wasn’t happening till just recently for me odd

Were you able to spend skill points in your abilities?

yes it just sometimes take a long time to evolve thats all, seems like the animation itself is probably bugged. Also it doesn’t always take longer only sometimes, sometimes its the same speed but just really buggy looking, other times it takes a bit longer.

I suggest maybe to try some of the troubleshooting steps posted here to see if it resolves the issue: TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support

Also, press T on your keyboard when you evolve and see what your ping is (or those of your opponents).

Anything higher than 150ms is worrisome.

yeah i will give it a shot let you know in a bit after i play a game

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Ok after three games, where two wen’t great and i had ping between 41 and 65 and had this game just now where i was at 42 ping and had the bug again, this is probably the worst I’ve had it, I tried to evolve but was stuck in the bug animation of me doing the start of the evolve animation over and over again then it stopped i couldn’t move then it evolved me all of a sudden and i was stuck in the skill select screen unable to rank up any skills, after that i was just stuck there looking at the screen until they killed me, So seems like a bug but who knows. Anymore thoughts on the matter?

Do you have a decoy out when evolving?

Saw in another post someone stating that is why evolve bugs out and takes longer.

For the record evolving goes so quickly, I would like to see it take a bit longer across the boards for all monsters.

bro i had the same problem three times today, and lost two of them because i couldnt spend my skill points, it was so annoying, another bug that has popped up that really needs to be fixed!!!

You can’t evolve with your decoy out. Your decoy taking 30 seconds to vanish is why you’re getting the bug. I would suggest not using the decoy when on the run unless you can be sure the hunters will kill it.

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Really that is odd. Hopefully they fix this soon it really does suck, will probably just avoid wraith for now until its fixed.

Also thanks again to everyone for the help, I Appreciate it.

I’ve written this in another topic, just watch this :persevere:

“Hello, i lost a lot of matches because my game is running but i’m not able to do anything, i found thats because when you use the wraith’s clone and after that you try to evolve with the clone spawned you will have a bugged evolve animation and then you evolve but you can’t click any of the abilitys, you can’t move neither. You only can lose the round, i have lost like 3 ranked matches before i found what was making this bug.
If someone else have the same issue comment. I don’t know if they already know about this bug but is really annoying.”

As mentioned before the workaround is not having the decoy spawned when you wanna evolve.

This happened to me twice, once i got stuck like you did with kraken
and some other time it was with behemoth but It didnt get stuck afterwards, just the weird trippy evolve dance.