Stage 2: Wraith Strategy, Tips and Advice

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Check out advice from Legacy Evolve Wraith players!

Slow hunters perk-> Decoy-> Supernova
then double team them for a really really fast down.

Warp blast is still a really good move but decoy is just so aggressive and useful right now you definitely should take it.


In Weather Control the strategy is to lure the Hunters to the underground caves while you are level 2.
As soon as you finish fighting them, dash over to the relay, evolve to level 3, and wreck it.

Unless they all have speed boosts and/or Maggie & Daisy to speed them up, they will not likely make it in time.

The Wraith is so fast in the Stage 2 update, like she was in the beta of the Legacy version. Players now use her to FT3 in the Stage 2 update.

I played against someone named “Pimpachu” who had had a 44-game win streak as Wraith when we rivaled. I’m not sure if he’s on the forums or not, but I will share that I feel a 44-game win streak probably means something about the state that character is in. I suppose it’s possible he’s just one of the best monster players, but I’d have a hard time believing the game is so perfectly balanced right now in this beta state that it’s not more likely that the monster might be a little bit broken.

Some of the biggest problems with Wraith seem to be its speed in combat, the decoy ability still doing tons of damage, and the knockback/knockaround associated with its melees, etc. I don’t know what % of damage the Wraith’s decoy is doing right now, but it seems like it might be a bit too high?

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The most frustrating thing is how you get thrown around by them when the decoy is there aswell. I didnt mind the old hide and seek playstyle, because she was arguably the weakest stage 3 monster, but now it doesnt matter. I have yet to win vs a wraith in stage 2, and i had 400 hours + played on xbox one, and i still found the old wraith more manageable.


I agree for sure. The Wraith seems really strong in the few times I’ve come up against it in Stage 2 (And when I’ve played as it). I managed to kill the entire hunter team in about a minute just after reaching stage 2 and luring them into a tight area. Supernova is ridiculously strong, especially with the decoy and the Wraith Blast is also very powerful. Even a friend of mine, who had never played Evolve managed to win on his first try as the Wraith. Maybe a little too much cannon and not quite enough glass.

If you look them up on YouTube they actually did a video showing off wraith’s prime skin

Wraith is definitely powerful, especially if played well. Personally, once I obtained her and played against hunters for the first time, I won simply because the team had little skill themselves. I had no clue what I was doing and since then, despite improving every time i played Wraith, I had a hard time winning any matches because other players appeared to be much smarter than the ones I played against the first time. I think Wraith’s power compensates her low health and armor, and whether she wins or loses depends on the player and if they’re skilled enough to use her abilities to take down hunters. Otherwise, if the hunters are skilled and know their way around, they can easily take her down, no matter Wraith’s strength.

The actual problem about Wraith is her effort to reward ratio for her Decoy. You can just press a button and without any further input (aiming included), you’ve got a clone of yourself possibly doing quite a nice amount of damage while you are free to do anything you want - flee, help it, hide, you name it. And unless my eyes deceive me, the Decoy can easily clear any kind of proximity-activated traps.

Supernova does require a bit more commitment to make it useful, as you need to actually attack, but still, if you use it at a wrong moment, there is no real punishment.

Compare that to Goliath, who moves himself with two aimed skills and can potentially go into a bad position because of that, root himself with another skill while aiming and the only skill that doesn’t change his movement at all is Firebreath, which is much less potent than Decoy. And with all of these skills, the moment you regain full control of Goliath, the ability is no more influencing the hunters (sans FB dot), so all of these require you to commit fully.

Compare that to Kraken, who isn’t half as mobile as Wraith and still has to get close to do proper damage (unless the hunters don’t know how to dodge at all) risking being punished. Kraken’s skills can slow him down when in use (Lightning Strike), require proper aiming or closing distance to the hunters (Mines, Vortex) or both (Aftershock).

And Behemoth shows his weakpoint with every skill used.

What I want to say by all that is that we need to consider something more than just numbers when balancing Wraith. We need to look at what she has to give and what she gets in return.

I’m undecided if Wraith is OP or not. There have been times when I came out of the drop ship and the Wraith didn’t even bother to get armor. He destroyed us right at the start. Decoy and Supernova is crazy dmg. Then there have been times when the Wraith got to stage 3 and we managed to kill it because of it’s low health and armor. I think it all depends on the synergy of the group. If you have a Jack using re-pulsar, a Hank shielding people and a medic healing everyone you have to separate them somehow. There have been times when I was toying with hunters as Wraith and then there are times when I tried my hardest and barely dropped anyone.

maybe you’re bad.
as hunter, ive hunted and defeated like 20 wraiths so far, they’re so predictable.
She is not even OP, you want OP? fight a Kraken or Elder

Maybe someone already told you this.

  1. use skill 1 (don’t know how it is called in your language) along with special movement to move very fast
  2. supernova is most effective if activated while you have “cornered” a hunter, so he can’t escape your supernova combo strikes; otherwise a hunter can easily get out from the supernova area of effect
  3. use abduction to abduct brave\stupid hunters that decide to go 1on1 with the wraith, so that’s basically a dead hunter
    Use also abduct to trick hunters that are trying to resurrect a companion…yes you can abduct injured hunters
  4. this requires more skill: deploy decoy when you’re in close-quarter fight with a hunter; try to understand in which direction the hunter wants to escape so you go fast block that way with your wraith, so the hunter is trapped between you and the decoy
  5. i think most effective build 3 points on skill1, 1 point for abduction, 3 points for decoy and 2 points for SN

how do you guys defeat sunny with the current state of the wraith?

Thanks to the perks I’ve been managing to defeat her, but when you fight premades of people who know how to fight wraith, and on top of that they have sunny the fights are extremely hard.

even more so if they make little mistakes or they try to camp relay up to stage 3 without chasing.