Stage 2: Wraith Decoy


Feel it’s a tad over powered as it is right now. I like it, but I don’t think it should be able to go very far from the monster. I’ve had several occasions where I’m seeing the decoy near us, but the monster is way off in the distance.


I think a few people have said this, I don’t know for sure I haven’t tried out Wraith yet


yep can confirm. the dps output of the wraith is a bit too high, just tried it with 3 on decoy, 3 on wb, 2 on supernova and 1 on abduction and i massacred the hunters… it feels weird to say but wraith has become “op” lol


Oh god, you better have not started those threads again


nonono, its not about that, also im not one who wines about op situations etc… the weird thing is that for a long time, wraith was one of the most weak monsters… it has been a long time that i haven’t said wraith is strong lel

edit: it’s weird i haven’t heard @Plaff yet about the new wraith…


I used to think it was a bit strong, but after playing competent teams, decoy/sn isn’t the same. It’s just bad jetpack management for the most part. Still a good pubstomper, but against good teams my ability to burst dramatically declined with my normal decoy murders.


Oh I see it now :stuck_out_tongue: I had no troubles back then…in bots


I think the damage could be toned down,

it used to not combine with wraith’s other powers, meaning even at 250% of wraiths normal damage it was not particularly good due to how it could be dodged and wraith could do nothing but watch.

Now you can get abducted to the decoy and beaten down by both wraiths at once while in supernova, which is really harsh even without the decoy doing as much damaged alone.


I’ve only had a little amount of time to play the new Wraith but I’m really liking where she’s at. After seeing TU9 as a whole I feel like removing the invisibilty from Decoy was definitely the right decision but it feels a little on the strong side right now :thinking:

Then again I’ve only played with/against randoms rather than coordinated groups.


Glad to see you again on the forums though :smiley:


The OG Mod is back ^.^ Well hopefully


Taking a small break from Moderator duties for the time being but I will be back at some point in the near future :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic though… does anyone know how much health Decoy actually has now? I know you can shoot it to destroy it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any info on how much health it has at each level.


I don’t know for sure…I remember it taking 3 or 4 seconds for my team to kill it


@Insane_521 help here pls?


It’s a weird feeling playing Wraith now, everything is so different O.O

Gone is the anemic brawler, now we have the speedy hit-and-run assassin we were promised. It feels bizarre, but with the new perks and increased monster speed Abduction feels nigh on useless. It used to be my Scorpion button (“GET OVER HERE”) but she’s so fast now that if I run gold snare I can keep up with whoever I need unless they burn 2+ jetpack dodges, and even then I’m not out of range for long. If you had told me back in TU7 or even after TU8 when they announced the changes that my stage 3 build would be 3 WB 3 Decoy 1 Abduct 2 SN I’d have kicked you in the balls and yelled “WHO ARE YOU? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”, and I wouldn’t have believe you either.

The times they are a-changin’.


Did they bring her Warping mobility back to how it has always been?


She feels crazy fast now, especially with the silver climb speed / traversal regen perk


I felt like her burst damage improved. You can now supernova-decoy-warp blast into a hunter since your decoy doesn’t dissipate anymore.

What were you doing differently before that made it more bursty?


I’m not talking potential damage, I’m talking about the difference between people who know how to jetpack manage and those who don’t. Her overall damage potential is REALLY high, but in practice it declines A LOT if they are good.


So, in the end… Does the decoy benefits from supernova ?
Visually it looks like, but actually ?..