Stage 2: Worst round ever (logged issues)

Did not get the character I wanted (I picked Cabot in the lobby, and spawned as Hank).
Even though we trapped the monster 4 times, never got the kill on phase 1 (dome kept disappearing super fast).
As the monster just leveled up, my game crashed from a Device Hung error. No way to join the game again.

It’s super disappointing to come back and see that the same crashes are still there. And that features that should be there (rejoin game) are still missing.

It’s a bug, they fixed it and it’s being QA tested now.

Yeah the Shared Dome changed a lot. Basically now if:

  • the Monster downs 1 or 2 Hunters

  • loses approx 2 bars of Health

  • some combination of the 2 then

then the dome comes down. It’s to prevent 1 dome games and snowballing! Check out the below post for deets.

That is an Nvidia issue. It actually has been for a long time and it’s up to Nvidia to fix it. Nothing TRS can do unfortunately.


Thank you for the long and detailled reply. Happy to hear that the character select bug is being fixed. I also noticed that the character textures were sometime bugged as well, do you know if this is worked on?
As for the dome changes, I probably should’ve took more time to think about them. I did not realise that the intent was to have more fights at the early stages. And while I guess we could’ve killed him faster, it’s a bit infuriating to have the monster escape 3 times in a row when you have him on the ropes.

Is there anything I can do to at least alieviate the Nvidia issue? It happened twice today, each time after only a couple of rounds. Crashing this often kinda doesn’t want to make me play(and I don’t remember it happening so often last time I played). I still think a way to rejoin the last game would be great.

Well, I just get the device hung error every single game now :confused: Even with everything on low.

Please check this and share any information you can.

I know TRS has contacted Nvidia about the issue, hopefully we’ll see a resolution soon!

Nice to hear they contacted them. Despite my slightly bitchy first post, I really do like the game and I hope that stage 2 will work well.

It’s pretry late where I am, but I’ll try to share my system specs and anything that can on the thread you linked tomorrow.

Yeah if you can attach your DxDiag on here, we can see your setup and maybe get useful information your way.

I actually own this game on both my PC and Xbox, was excited to return and give it another go.

I am getting the same error with my AMD Radeon R9 390 too. It was happening like every 3 games with the previous drivers, so updated to Radeon 16.7.1 latest hotfix.

Now it crashes out every single game like 2 min into the game, making it basically unplayable. This is serious bug guys, pls get this fixed asap.