Stage 2: What's your current Goliath build?


So people are having some time now to figure out there way, I’m interested in hearing from goliath players what they’re currently enjoying playing with in terms of their abilities load out at each stage, and their perk load out!

Calling @Applesmacked who claims to be on a long winning streak now :smiley:


Oh I do like to boast, but it’s not a claim.


Depends on the team.

4 point spread at stage 1. Against a half competent team, a stage 1 dome is going to happen- And id rather have the damage capacity/potential/utility of 4 abilities.

At stage 2-

It depends.

If im going up against a team that I know will be relying on deployables, especially for the likes of sunny, ill utilize 2 rock, 2 leap, 2 flame, 1 charge. This gives me the cooldown reduction on my 2 big hitters, and gives me the cooldown bonus for flame breath to keep wiping deployables. I also tend to use this against slim. I find “peek a boo” tactics effective against most slims- Poke out, burninate, then duck back. No target- so they cant heal, letting the flame dot do its thing.

Against other teams I find i like 3 rock, 2 leap, 1 flame, 1 charge. The extra burst on 3 rock is nice- Especially since much of its damage is off loaded into the explosion now.

At stage 3, again depends on the builds- 3 rock and 3 leap is always solid, from there ill go 2 flame 1 charge for the deployable team, or 1 flame 2 charge for other teams. Flame breath is up often enough outside of deployable teams to be adequate, and no more cloaks (short of laz) to worrry about to make me feel the pressure for it- So i rock the 1 in charge for the cooldown. Its mobility can be handy against trappers who use stasis, and charge has been reworked well enough that i feel like i can properly “chase” people with it and not have to rely heavily on using it PURELY as as shotgun ability. Having its cooldown reduced also works well with having leap smashes cooldown reduced- I tend to use the 2 in tandem.

Just my initial impressions for now. May change as metas evolve.