Stage 2: Wasteland Daisy issues


Hey there Dev’s thanks for creating such a great game but there a few bugs with Wasteland Maggie’s Daisy that she doesn’t attack the monster at times and climbs on random cliff and stays near the healer and climb back down run about and climbs back up to random cliff where other players are at and rarely attacks as for the revive other player daisy barely tries to or stop casting revive on players and continue’s immediately cancels it even when she’s not attacked by the monster she run back up and doesn’t do anything majority of the fight. usually happens when the maggie dead waiting for dropship and at times when im shooting the monster she just run around and never revive anyone or deals damage. Other suggestion i should make for maggie burst pistol it deals a decent damage but would be nice if she hits the monster at range would tag burn damage outline so teammate can see the monster since daisy at times get stuck at tracking the monster they till evolve at stage 2 easily…

Sorry for the bad english i hope you guys can check this out and do possible changes in the future


Thanks for the feedback. I updated the topic for you to be more descriptive.


Thank you for such a quick reply :slight_smile: hope you guys can get a look into it


The devs are already/still awake so I’m sure these will be reviewed soon.


Your English isn’t bad, it’s the complete and utter lack of commas that make your text very hard to read.

Anyway, the only time I’ve used Wasteland Maggie so far I didn’t notice Maggie attacking the monster a single time, so I fully agree with your post. She’s broken.


Same I seeing this problem to first few times it worked. Then now hardly attacks I even harpooned the monster right next to me and daisy stood thier looking at the healer when monster right next to her…