Stage 2: Was swimming instead of landing :(



Hello ! So i was in game flying and when I was about to land… I couldn’t ! I was literally swimming for few seconds ( Approx 30 ) but that was weird
Screen shot :

due to image restrictions, I can’t post more, but well it explain it in a way


We do have an issue in for this. Unfortunately this one has eluded us for sometime. If you could add anymore information it would be helpful. Did you notice any lag right before this happened? Did it take a long time to load into the game? If you see this again can you try to grab some video. We do have an issue in for this but we have only seen it once on our end this little bugger likes to poke its head out once every 4 months it seems. Thanks for the report.


No lag, game was perfect but I will try to get some footages