Stage 2: Val's med gun sound stops


As the title. I can’t tell you in detail why this happens, anyway seems like a random problem.

Windows 10 x64 + Creative Sound Blaster Z with latest drivers.

Thanks for your attention.


You mean the Med gun? Because somtimes i thought when im healing the healing sound disappeared randomly while im healing … other sounds (sniper, tanqulizer) works fine here.

btw. i have Win 7, but Sound Blaster Z too.


Oops i forgot to say. Yes i’m talking about the med pistol :slight_smile:


Than we both seem to have the same bug :wink: This Bug is there since the Update to Stage 2. Before (Legacy Evolve) everthink was ok with Vals Medgun Sound …

Anybody else recognized that? Maybe not everybody heard it that its missing sometimes, but now if others pay attention to it maybe more people will recognize it too.


Yes, me too. No problem at all on legacy Evolve. Let’s see what developer will say about this problem. :slight_smile:


I think i had it too once. was healing someone when the elder kraken shot a projectile at me. the healing was muted but i was still healing.