Stage 2: Val Strategy, Tips and Advice

Need help or have some advice you want to share?
This Topic is designed for those that wish to ask for and/or offer advice regarding Val.

Please do not boast about your skill level, call other people out or belittle others’ play-styles. Do not mention/talk about leaderboard ranks and/or tournament wins as these usually devolve into derailed Topics.

That being said, please keep the conversations friendly as there are lots of players on these forums that dispense good advice.

Check out advice from Legacy Evolve Val players!

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Any tips? I am having great difficulty using her in combat, especially when in a dome and the monster focuses me down

I hate doing this because I’m a monster player, but the most important thing when being focused on seems to be mobility. Move around, change directions, seek cover. Eventually heal yourself. If the team is good, the rest of the team will punish the monster enough.
That’s what I see Vals who cause me trouble are doing.

pray that you have a griffin to get the monster off you. Or a defensive support.

If you have neither of these things, grab jetpack recharge and some mobility perks.

Roach, kite. dodge. Use everything in your arsenal to get the monster off you.

Don’t forget you can thrust upwards if you stay still and dodge, you’l thrust up. VERY useful for that quick roaching to dodge the monster.

Thanks for the tips. Need to invest some keys into JP recharge.

Any other tips for when you get tumbled out of your roaching position? e.g. Goliath’s Charge, Wraith’s Warp Blast, Kelder’s missile, Gorgon’s Web Snare etc.

hehe, don’t get hit? if you get, well, there’s that. First of all, try to see what abilities monster has invested points in. Maybe he has 3in Leap Smash and only 1 in RT, then you know which one to avoid.
Val needs somebody to help her out, on her own, she is an easy target. Some combinations work better than others. But, like others have said, mobility is her ally. I like playing Val with Hank and Sunny. Don’t like her with Cabot or Bucket. Trapper - something with more stopping power like Griffin or Jack. Not so much Abe or Crow.

Obviously, it all depends on people you play with and the monster you are facing… GL

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Need a defensive support!! Like hank, sgt.hank or sunny (for me the best to keep moving). I play on ps4 and val is the best actually, and emet!!

Use your JP carrefully, only when the monster use his habilities, and pray for your support/trapper work, the time that they can stop the mosnter its gold.

Good hunt!