Stage 2: Two bugs to report! (Black screen and camera unlocking)


Bug numbah one.
After 5 mins of the dome being up (cuz nobody got incapped), when the dome came down my screen went black for about 5 seconds, but everything returned to normal after.

Numbah two.
Our support got incapped, I went to go pick him up and got a rock thrown at me mid revive- this seems to have caused my camera to unlock- I pretty much waited to get incapped and respawned on the ship to fix this.


And thanks Mtn, I forgot XD


On the black screen, was it just the dome that was black? Or was the whole screen black? How about the UI?


The ENTIRE screen went black for a few seconds, then everything came back and looked normal. Not sure if it was because the dome was coming down or not, but that’s my guess atleast