Stage 2: Training (Hunt) not playable


Good day,

I wanted to play Evolve after a long time and to see what has changed, but at the moment its not possible for me.
The game crashes

Or the World isn’t fully loaded

OS: Windows 10, 32GB Ram, 980 Ti 368.69 Driver


And for me I can’t play any character in Hunt even after completing the Tutorials multiple times.


The Replace Me textures say to me that you need to run Verify Integrity, as you have missing/corrupt files.

Also WTF, they were supposed to turn black in Retail, not Replace Me


Okay after a check, I see 23 missing or damaged files. I have to download 4,8 GB again, I will say if it helps or not, thank you btw.


Okay me again, the game is running now okay, the performence is a bit strange but something I can live with. But one last question where are the videos to introduce the hunters? or Monsters?


Good to hear you can run the game! :smiley:

Performance – unsteady FPS – is a known issue that should improve as you keep playing. We will fix it for new users in the next update.

Videos, sadly, are removed to make the download less onerous for new users. Sad but necessary. Might be able to find them on YouTube.


Why you don’t make this as an extra download? Inside the game?


I honestly don’t know. I’ll pass the suggestion along.


Even as a “Veteran” I was a bit lost :smiley: thank you for your time and help


My pleasure. And I’ve voiced your suggestion among our leads, for what it’s worth. Not saying it will happen, but we’re aware of it now.

@snowkissed confirms that the videos are available on YouTube btw.