Stage 2 thoughts


Firstly, I never had much hope for the title update, I assumed it would bring a few people back but not do enough to really make the game relevant again. Looking through the notes and information though, I was wrong.

I loved the game (and still do) and definitely plan on getting back in once this hits consoles. Making it free to play was a smart move. I’m not sure if micro transactions will still be a thing or if everything is just earned with in game currency but either way, making it free is definitely going to boost the player base, big time, and that makes me happy. Not just the player base increasing but the fact that a lot has changed, and for the better. I stopped playing because…I just lost hope. I’m probably not the only one but I didn’t think turtle rock could pull it off, but it looks like they will/have, and they deserve so much credit for actually pulling it off.

I wish them the best of luck with this and hope they really turn this around and make Evolve great again :smile:


It seems to be working, there’s almost more players than there was at launch!

Microtransactions are gone completely i believe


Microtransactions were never in Evolve to begin with. I would assume it will be a thing down the road because it’s a F2P and that’s how F2P games generate revenue, Legacy Evolve never had any.


That’s great to hear, so turtle rock have no way to make money off the game now? I would assume making it free to play, at least skins would cost real money. Not that I’m complaining, just that its usually typical that some form of microtransaction is in a free to play title so the developers can make something from it.


How about the skins and stuff, wouldn’t they be microtransactions?


No, those are cosmetic items and characters. A microtransaction is paying real money for in-game currency, like converting pesos to U.S. dollars in real life. You’re exchanging one currency for another.


@AForestTroll The new setup is REALLY great. You are going to love it when it hits consoles.


I’m Looking forward to it :smile:


How is the pace of gameplay in comparison to before? Is it easier to find and catch the monster? Before you had to completely rely on the trapper knowing what they were doing and a lot of games I played consisted of the trapper wandering around like a headless chicken. Everyone having the dome must be easier, and I assume the trappers new ability is easy to use?


Engagements happen much more frequently and are usually more intense. You rarely find a person just hopping around a dome for minutes.


Does this make it much harder for a monster to stage up and set up? I’m sure I saw changes to how the monster feeds. Wildlife spawning in areas where it’s safer for the monster to eat and whatnot


No, against the majority of hunter teams (And again, I consider myself pretty good and won some competitive events back in the day) I evolve around 1:40 - 2:00 depending on if I needed to juke or not. The average monster usually gets domed at least once. (Majority is once) before they evolve and that is around the 4ish minute mark.


Wildlife is MUCH more consistent. I could set me watch to where/when things spawn in. It’s great. You will never be starved for food ever.


Like @MaddCow said.

I played both as monster and hunter and the matches are at a faster pace with battles throughout. I was still able to sneak around and even got to stage 3 without being domed one time but overall the pace is much more action packed. Not one game did I feel like I was walking around an empty map jogging around.


So much wildlife food. And they drop like flies. I feel like a monster :smiley:


Is being domed at stage one as much of a death sentence as it used to be? Monsters have been given more health and can use all four abilities from stage one if I’m correct so I’m guessing it’s much easier to survive and fend the hunters off untill you can take the dome down or until it times out?


Yeah you can snipe the mammoth birds with one snow ball from Kraken!

Not at all. If you take enough health damage or down a couple hunters the dome drops. At the same time the dome will stay up for a long time if you try and run around and hide in the dome without fighting.


Love this update, although when I play as wraith I feel so cheap lol inexperienced players have a much harder time against her than before due to how much obscurity is going on, especially when supernova is activated. I don’t lose often but when I do I know its because there heavily skilled.


Thank you!!! Things seem to be going really well so far!


You just hit all the goals you guys at trs put to yourselves. The game is much more faster filled with adrenaline the whole time. The only thing that yet isn’t going well is tutorial. The markov tutorial is ok, but you should make the same for medic, support and trapper specially. I see lots of people who don’t even know what is the planetary scanner. But for the rest, evolve has litterally evolved in something totally new and awesome thanks!!! :smiley:
And also welcome back to the forums chris, it has been a long time since we haven’t seen you on the forums :slight_smile: