Stage 2 Thoughts Thus Far


I got to try out Stage 2 today, and sketched out my thoughts as I did in the case it would be helpful to the devs. In no particular order:

Why does it say “Stage 2 Beta” still in the bottom right, watermarked like that? Thought this was finalized.

The perks system is interesting and will take some getting used to - however I do not see a single page listing all the hunter/monster perks that have been unlocked/upgraded, which would be useful for doing so outside of game. I also have not seen a good single reference thread on all of said perks yet.

Release notes talked about a counter “hold the dome” such that when a hunter is downed while dome is ready some sort of penalty applies. I did not see/hear any notification for when that occurred.

Matches move fast, and there is no real post match talk time - even during the ending animation. Would be nice for a little post-match banter/discussion/GGs, or to take down names of who you just played with. Just whisks you away to the next match real fast.

Could have sworn I read that if you would ‘unlock’ something you already had, you’d get keys instead. I did not get any keys when I unlocked markov/goliath - should I have?

At ~7 seconds left you get the “Reinforcements inbound” message - I won a match in those 7 seconds, and was left thinking that maybe “Imminent” would be more accurate; ‘inbound’ makes it sound like dropship doors had opened.

Saw blue meteor goliath fire on an invisible something during the post-match screen after the Monster died. I was playing as hank.

Played a game with Bob - his ground fires from traversal seemed to delay appearing and then appear all at once.

One time after I had selected Voodoo normal Goliath, in the splash and then game I found myself as Meteor goliath instead… no idea why.

When selecting skins the sorting is HORRENDOUS - I would much rather either it only show me the skins I already have, or just the ones I have consecutively and then the ones I don’t.

Overall it feels a lot more fast paced, though even with the satellite ping I have seen teams who really don’t know how to chase… spread out all over the place. I’ve enjoyed my brief test, and will continue over the weekend most likely. Here’s hoping we see a good surge in people coming back to the game!


So far from what I have been able to play in the Tutorials the game is actually really fun! the Environment looks gorgeous, the character models full of awesome detail and some really interesting animal life not to mention the gameplay is great…I uhh, just get past the Tutorials.


Because this is a Beta, not a relaunch as consoles don’t have this yet.

It’s in the top left. If dome is ready and a hunter is downed, the dome timer changes to gray and counts down from 10 seconds.

Not sure where you heard this. This isn’t true.

The ship still travels so those seconds are for that and to give the monster an idea of whether to stay and fight or go away before possibly getting domed again.

This is a bug that they are working on.


I just looked at the release notes again. It talks about getting keys if you would unlock a punch card reward you already have. That is probably where I got this from.

Thank you for the other responses though - definitely did not see the gray countdown for hold the dome, so I’ll look if it happens again.


I believe that relates to the log in rewards.

No worries :slight_smile: Glad to help.


After playing some more, here are a few additional thoughts - adding them to the already existing thread for organization purposes.

Perks System & Unlocking - some UI tweaks would go a LONG way here. I know Stage 2 is F2P, but it risks running people off like DLC did if you are not careful!!

  • Seeing the sheer list of perks for the first time is utterly daunting, especially the price tag on the gold perks. It also does not tell you what you will get for upgrading, just asks you to pay the price… was kindof blind testing it out. A preview of the new value on the confirmation screen would be good.

  • There needs to be some way to emphasize that the sheer number of perks CAN be unlocked through character progression instead of it all being keys-based. A lot of people aren’t going to dive into their profile and click on characters to see what you get, and even then the levels list does not appear to scroll down to see what all you will EVENTUALLY get.

  • There’s no single page to go over all the perks you have unlocked, or unlock/upgrade them OUTSIDE of a game where the timer is not urging you onward. Putting that under your profile somewhere would be ideal - and you could add a note about where each one gets unlocked from, to give people the idea that there are non-keys ways to do it.

  • It’s not clear how perks that affect the same stat stack. If you get Hunger that has feed speed and movement, and then take a separate movement perk - what happens? is it multiplicative, additive, which?

  • Is there a way to tell what perks someone used AFTER the match ends? People are going to be asking this question constantly, “you’re good, what perks do you run?” - if there is a way to see it then that’ll help.

On the subject of gameplay, I ran into two ‘bugs’:

  1. The match start splash screen showed the free rotation, but we were back to normal for actual gameplay.

  2. post-match I BRIEFLY saw the old ‘chase cam’ view, then it vanished in favor of the new UI. I LIKED the chase-cam view… why can’t it stay? x.x

On the subject of lobbies; it’s a little sad to not be able to talk with people post-match. I keep having games where I wish I could have said more afterward, and it can’t happen as-is.

Also, I’m having an issue recently where it shows “player found” in all slots, maybe even an observer slot… but the game doesn’t start? A little strange and jarring.