Stage 2: There is a matchmaking bug going on [Logged]


ok so this bug makes it so every so often it says “serching” even though it found all 4 hunters had connected and we stayed in limbo untill one of us disconects. is this just me?

Devs logged it so they should fix it! dank u bbs


Nop i’m with you on this.

After finding 4 others the game still says Searching and we never enter the game.I need to exit the game and start again to play a game


Now that you mention it I think I’ve been having this as well. It reads player found but never fully loads or shows their name/icon


at least i am not alone, but it sucks ;w;


We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.


dank u bb you get a free cookie and a coke :3