Stage 2: Stuck Evolving, Player Falling Through [logged]


So I was playing as Meteor Goliath and managed to knock out a Hank through a rock cliffside by meleeing him against it, all the way to the bottom of the map (I saw his character outline just descending beneath the ground). Also, I got stuck in evolving mode. How I did that was I approached a wall, managed to go from V-circle screen, back to normal monster screen, switching back and forth in a rapid succession. Then I got stuck on the evolving, I couldn’t upgrade nor undo or exit.



Few question what map was this and was Hank a bot. As for the stage up issue we have a bug in and if you have any info or video that would help us out a lot.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a video, I’ll do some recordings onwards. And no, the Hank was definitely a human controlled player. I’ll post here for any new information for this issue.


I have another instance of this happening.
Thank you. Apologies for double posting.


This is also happening on walls. They are still targetable by abilities.


Just happened to me, right now. Also playing meteor Goliath and was next to a wall.