Stage 2 : Steam Stuck, Can't Play


So after Evolve finished updating, I couldn’t play it.
All it says is that an update is queued but there I no update to download. Help?

Evolve Stage 2 Fails To Launch
The game isn't starting (Resolved!)

Restart Steam?


You tried just clicking play? That works for me sometimes.


Yeah try to restart and see what happens from there. Keep us updated!


Already tried. Even restarted my computer.


Also every time I click play is says it’s scanning for updates, and then it just sends me to the store page.


Try giving it 10 minutes in case it’s just unpacking the game files or something. The download process doesn’t always communicate every step perfectly I think.


12 minutes and nothing changed. Wait more and eat carrots or do something?


Will it let you Verify Integrity of Game Cache? Or it still insists it needs to update?


Won’t let me verify. greyed out it is.


Is there a “Downloads” button in the bottom center of the Steam window?


Nope. I tried installing a game (and then cancelling) to try and see if that would prompt Evolve to do anything but nope.


I’m googling “Steam stuck” etc., let you know if I come up with anything believable.


You think I should just uninstall and try to reinstall and wait it out?


The Internet seems to say, change your Steam download region.


Did nothing at all when I switched it from Dallas to Detroit and back.


Same for me, can’t even install game on both pc, steam says “scanning for steam games updates”, and refresh store page after.


Could be interference from antivirus program? (LINK)

Check antivirus log, see if it’s quarantining Evolve.exe?


Nope. I think I’ll just uninstall and then see what happens when I reinstall.


Well I uninstalled and that happened. Well I think I’m a bit more screwed than I was, cause now the game Isn’t even installed.