Stage 2: Stats for Monster abilities/armour/hp and Hunter weapons



Now we have a character screen which shows you all their levels/unlocks/gameplay stats, why don’t you add all the important stats to each character like their weapon’s dps, healing/s, shield capacity and monster’s armour/hp and their ability’s damage/cooldown. I think it would be nice to have all the numbers in the game instead of trying to find it on the forums/wiki

Edit: Maybe to show Monster’s armour/hp, have a nice visual representation like in-game instead of it being full of numbers which could be confusing

Detailed information of each charactor

I’m all for this. More info, better the game!!
Edit: add the stats that get powered when you spend points on a skill when evolving. People don’t know the difference between a lvl2 supernova and a lvl3 supernova