Stage 2: Slim Strategy, Tips and Advice

Need help or have some advice you want to share?
This Topic is designed for those that wish to ask for and/or offer advice regarding Slim.

Please do not boast about your skill level, call other people out or belittle others’ play-styles. Do not mention/talk about leaderboard ranks and/or tournament wins as these usually devolve into derailed Topics.

That being said, please keep the conversations friendly as there are lots of players on these forums that dispense good advice.

Check out advice from Legacy Evolve Slim players!

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Slim in a nutshell


lol i love how this is the only thing on this thread

Same xd.
10 cherehers

My 2 cents on the matter is that he needs an active support to help him. Like Sunny or Hank. Cabot isnt so bad either as amped damage means faster recharge on the gun. I believe. ( I hear the rate of recharge scales with damage. ) Bucket might not be good because the heal burst usually comes back fairly quick anyway, in my opinion, but kala would be good for an escape. Not the best teammate though.

@Privatesparky Damage does not impact heal burst recharge rate. It is based on the number of pellets that hit wildlife or the monster regardless of the damage done.

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Thanks for clarification mate. Learning all kinds of things.

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Is stacking command still worth it after the buff? or I should buff jetpack recharge for dodging?

Is stacking capacity perks good for slim, i usually go with that, aaandd i got focused

I usually run max reload perks on Slim. Kind of intuitive yknow–faster reloads = more bullets = more healing :new_moon_with_face::full_moon_with_face:

reasonable, I will try it, thank you

I get 2 reloads 1 defensive

Does anyone even bother with spore launcher? I have not played as Monster enough to know how (non)effective it is.

I never use it simply because any time off your primary/where you’re not frantically mashing the fire button and your 4 is gg for the rest of the team :full_moon_with_face:

It now reduces range of smell which in an arena, is kinda pointless…

When slim was released, he was the best with sunny, lot of damage, lot of heal and the best of him kit its the spore, the monster can not smell the hunter and it is a great vantage, the monster can find you with your health burst but…you shouldnt use it if your mates are fully life.
Now slim, dont health himself a lot, in ps4 is dead.

First of all, this is a thread for stage 2 slim strategy.

Second of all, holy rez batman!