Stage 2 sgt.hank support's shield bug?


2 games in row, on his support class ability team shields doesn’t decay. As a monster i fought them with maximum shield on every hunter.


It is not a bug. Tech sgt Hank´s shield projector creates shield on teammates when used, that stays on them until destroyed


It’s not a bug, sgt.hank has the ability to put shields on allies that doesn’t decay, so what the player did was in the beginning of the match he quickly gave all the hunters shield as they were hunting you. :wink:


Maximum, though? I thought Tech SGT Hank’s shield goes only up to 50% of the hunter’s life bar, at least that’s what it seems like when I was playing as a hunter.


Tech Hank’s shield will not decay but it should only go to about half on the health bar. Now if the Hunters have strikes it will look like its maxed out but that is because the hunters have less health with strikes. If you are seeing shields on the hunters whole health bar with no strikes please send us a screen shot of this so we can look into it.