Stage 2: Rogue Val Strategy, Tips and Advice

Need help or have some advice you want to share?
This Topic is designed for those that wish to ask for and/or offer advice regarding Rogue Val.

Please do not boast about your skill level, call other people out or belittle others’ play-styles. Do not mention/talk about leaderboard ranks and/or tournament wins as these usually devolve into derailed Topics.

That being said, please keep the conversations friendly as there are lots of players on these forums that dispense good advice.

Check out advice from Legacy Evolve Rogue Val players!

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Here’s my advice: don’t play her vs human controlled monsters: your fodder, nothing more. Your healing beam immediately gives you away and points right at you, he will have no trouble finding you.
And your beam doesn’t even justify its use, the output is too low to compensate any meaningful damage. If the healing beam would have a higher initial output or burst rate that decays over time it would be better, but at a constant (low) heal rate you die for nothing, your healing target probably too.
Val is a pushover without any of the benefits of being a lightweight (faster jetpack response, longer flight time, overall agility), all you got is less HP and a quick death anytime you enter the dome. Your self heal won’t save you, neither will your heal beam, you will just get pummeled til you’re dead and find yourself on the dropship.
Want to play a healer and feel useful? Don’t play Rogue Val.


Her Chain Medgun is a bit UP, but she’s not COMPLETELY useless. People still win as her.

The lasts patch on ps4 dregrade her a lot, her passive heal burst its the better or her, before she was incredible, you can stay alive with her own healt burst, but her medic gun dont heal your teamates a lot!! On ps4 she is died.