Stage 2: Renegade Abe Strategy, Tips and Advice

Hi how do i deal as much damage per second as I do playing Overlord Torvald with Regretabe champion? :^) ?

I heard the Dart and the Grenade last 10 seconds each. I don’t think darting that often is necessary.

One of the devs said he likes something like this:

Shotgun (dot) > dart > Shotgun (refresh dot) > grenade > shotgun till dart is over > repeat

After playing him for about 7-8 match, I think I’ve found my new favourite assault!

Here are a few tips:

  1. His corrosive grenade and poison dart both last 10 seconds. That is a loooong time where you can shoot your main weapon. This took me some getting used to, but you really don’t need to swap back to the grenade/dart gun as often as you first think.

  2. With his main gun, cycle between his fire modes. Start with M1 to get that DoT going, then fire two shots of M2. Then a M1 again, then 2 M2’s. After that it’s probably time to refresh the grenade/dart DoT.

  3. And that’s basically all there is to it. Keep track of your DoTs from your grenade/dart and cycle between your M1 and M2 for it’s maximum DoT/direct damage output.

  4. Renegabe has in my opinion the highest ‘chase’ damage (where you chip at the monsters health as he escapes from the dome) if you can keep your dots on him as long as possible, you can easily get 1-1,5 healthbar worth of damage.

If he is still close, hit him with a grenade. Once he is far away, hit him with a dart. Then keep peppering him with your main gun M1. And finally, if he is just about to escape your view, give him one last dart. This should also give you ‘vision’ of him for 10 seconds, as the damage numbers will keep popping up.

Oh and, less defence matrix? Pheh. He reduces the monster’s damage output by 5% in total. A 10% weaker matrix easily makes up for that in terms of personal survival.

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I think the cycle should be dart>nade>shotgun*3>repeat
does damage increase affect dot damage?

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Renegabe is probably the most swap-intensive Assault. Getting used to his quick weapon rotation and good management of keeping his 3 DoTs active is key to maximizing his dps output.

No need for poison perks. He already does innate. Insane poison damage.

Extra damage will increase his innate DoT damage and his shotgun’s alternate fire.
Or go with jetpack perks to mitigate damage in a dome.

If you can keep his DoTs on (swap speed minor or superior is downright required to play him). The monster you will easily do the damage other assaults do with the added benefit with insane chase chip damage.

Always dart first and foremost. 7% more damage to you might not be much but its for your whole team. So think about that.

Dart then grenade then switch to your shotty.

O dart then shotty then grenade. Your choice really.

Usually I pick damage, poison, acidic perks. In dome, I usually start with a dart, a nade, and then a full burst(right click), followed by two shots(left click). Rinse, repeat. I am just trying him out atm, so far I think he can be one of the most consistent assaults out there if paired correctly (Cabot, RVal and Griff perhaps?!).
I am by no means a pro or anything, just a casual solo hunter player in for some fun. If anyone wants to give me any tips or think my loadout isn’t good; please feel free to tell me about it. I would really appreciate the advice. Cheers :smiley::abe:

Shoot everything, POISON IT ALL

Topic ^

I did rocket, swap rocket, great.

I did Swap, posion, posion. Apparently your posion keeps resetting perk posion.

Any other ideas?

the standard perks are DMG/SWAP/DMG to keep all your poisons up and deal max damage

edit: rocket with assault is wasted slot, unless you’re focusing on pure rock blocking (still wasted)

Does the damage perks effect the posion?

according to some guy (I’ve read it a long time ago) yes, because no one said otherwise, but dev confirmation or testing is needed

Wait what?

I do switch, damage, damage since you as assault don’t really need to dodge and Rabe don’t even need to get close or reload to do dmg because all his dmg comes from dot

I always go: red: swap > silver: reload > gold: poison.
Probably not the best one out there but in terms of post-dome damage, it’s a great one.

I don’t know how good damage would be, it increases the DoT ticks but your main gun fires pellets so that won’t benefit as much.

Overall Rabe is weird to choose perks for, since you can do so many combinations.

I do max movement speed (kinda like Lenny) so I can keep up maximum chip damage.

Have you tried a tinkerabe? Not that it’s competitive but it’s funny as hell hovering at the top of the sky chipping monsters halfway across the map.

My favorite rabe isn’t rabe alone.
Try work out with trapper to have abe/rabe combo
If Abe goes double poison on silver/gold and rabe goes all damage or damage/swap/damage you end up with 2 rabes.
It’s a damn lethal comp especially with a good medic and support ( my favorite with those two is bucket and val)