Stage 2: Random monster bugs

  • behemoth rock wall no longer breaks harpoon chain. i mean, a gigantic pillar of stone coming up from under a harpoon chain SHOULD break it and did in TU08

  • wraith decoy no longer breaks harpoon chain

  • disconnect hack. there is something hunters are doing right when they are about to lose. takes me back to the monster selection screen with a black background. i can repick monster again, but it stays stuck there (left it on my screen for 10 minutes last time it happened, just to see what would happen).

  • holes in behemoth rock wall appear as soon as you use the ability.

  • stuck at ‘players found’ screen after all 5 slots are full.

  • the timer is absolutely wonky. please increase the round limit to more than 15 minutes. ive been beating on hunters while the timer is counting down. pounce, melee or abilities. new timer = garbage. please change it.

  • hunters have the ability to chat with monsters now? as in, while the game is going… im looking in keybindings for it, but ive seen [ALL] next to their text, but cant figure out how to do this on my own. idk if this is a bug, but i dont see an option for it in the key bindings section.


Thank you for the info the 5 player found bug we are working on that’s our next issue were trying to fix. As for the chat you can chat with each other by putting in /all in the chat.


sweet, i was wondering if that was how it worked (the all chat). 5 player found bug, i have to exit the game and restart. that seems to fix it.


  • bobs movement speed and pathing while in ball form. my gods, hes slow as molasses now, cant corner for shit… and wth when i hit a small bump, i swear i stay airborn for 2-4 seconds! im talking like a few feet off the ground. ill get a video of that one asap cuz that one is keeping me from playing bob


Ya there are some issues with Bob thats why only founders can use him at the moment we are working on Bob to make him play well again.


give bob the love he deserves! all in all this update delivers. 40k people playing! super easy to roflstomp hunters with wraith and decoy at stage 1. at stage 3, there is no chance. the hunters lose almost every time.

  • After evolving to stade 3, monster got invisible. It’s look like we are in spectator mode. Some ability can be activated, and the final step is to getting stuck…

I’ve only play goliath and meteor and this bug is happening every stade 3 evolution … Work on the tutorial…


This is happening to you every time you stage up to 3 as Goliath and Meteor Goliath? Are you doing anything while its staging up, quickly picking your abilities, spamming any buttons?


Well, i could reproduct it every time i do Goliath’s Tutorial… I don’t do anything special… I press “V” to evole and the “Cocoon” is in a black shape and just after he is empty. After i’ve pick ability, i’m invisible in some sort of spectator mode…

I’ve to play only in stage 2 …


Can you do Verify Integrity of Game Cache?


Well, it works !
56 Mo of data redownloaded.

Sorry for the “fake bug” and thank for the advice.


No worries glad I can help. Enjoy the game :smile: