Stage 2: Please add audio cues for when matches are about to start


It has happened several times already that I was waiting to find new players while alt+tabbed or checking out my user profile/modifying badges, and I come back to find that the players have been found and there are 10 seconds left until the match starts, so I have to rush and pick perks blindly like a maniac because there were no audio cues whatsoever.

You guys added announcer speeches for completely unnecessary things (such as monster evolution which was perfectly cued with the monster’s cry and a huge message onscreen) but didn’t bother to add one like “match will start in 60 seconds” or “match will start in 30 seconds” which are much more necessary.

Therefore I ask that you please add them.


THIS is definitly what i think too, this announcer speeches while in-game are so unnecessary and irritating :confused: And info when match is abbout to start would make much more scene i agree 100% !


There is a very audible Roar sound when you get a full lobby… just saying :wink:


Odd, no one in my party seems to have noticed it. Will pay more attention next time, but it might be that the cue is broken and doesn’t always play. Thanks for the heads up!


There is an option in the Audio Options menu for Background Volume (bottom option in the Audio Options menu), I recommend setting that near max volume if you frequently alt tab, as that controls the volume of the game while you are alt-tabbed.


Omg, I probably thought it meant something else and disabled it, that’s why I don’t hear the roar. Will check it later, thanks again!


Happy to help :smiley: