Stage 2: Players in a matchmaking lobby will sometimes be thrown into a different lobby


I was in a party with 2 friends and we hit to search for more players. At some point, one of the friends was thrown into a completely different lobby with 4 other unknown players, while me and the other friend remained in the party normally. He quit and we reformed the lobby. A couple matches later, the same bug happened with me!


Luckily i found this thread and we have the same problem…its really annoying and destroys the fun of the game



This is a serious bug in my opinion. When I’m playing with 3 of my friends this happens constantly, people are either booted from the party or are put into the wrong games. Sometimes it takes us 20 minutes just to get into a match and quickly deteriorates interest in playing this game that we would love to play consistently.

Other issues include getting error messages when trying to join a party such as that the multiplayer session has been terminated. Can we please get a developer response about this issue? It is a glaring problem before the gameplay even begins.

Edit: The other error message when joining parties is that the connection to host failed.


I’ve found a large array of bugs with the party system, which I’m sure TRS is aware of, but it would be nice to know if they are being looked at. I’ll edit this post with any ones that I encounter for the developers.

These bugs are pretty alienating from personal experience, and could send new players running for the hills.

Bugs found with party system:
1: Following an invite from the host, and without the leader searching, party members are placed into full games, but can still hear the original party, as well as the new lobby.

2: Myriad of problems trying to just join friends parties including:
-Invalid session
-Connection to host has failed
-The multiplayer session has been terminated. Press okay to continue.
-Game is full

These problems seem to be increasing recurring.


Same here, happens more frequently than a successful game for me and my friends so we just gave up on it.