Stage 2: Pink Blirzkov || Community Skin Megathread


@azmi_anuar :
[Kraken Skins]
Has a series of new ones but this’ll do for now.

[Behemoth skins]

Share your skins guys and lets put them all together :smiley:

Community made Hunter Skins!
Community made Hunter Skins!
I Made an American Hunter Skin for Abe

#Pika Kraken

#Yellow savage skin


Bumblebee Kraken, basically?


Never seen a bumble bee before


You’ve never seen a bee?


I’ve seen a bee, not a bumble bee before.


Are they not the same thing?


Here ya go. A bumble bee.


Common bee you can find here, about 20mm in size.


I suppose that bumble bees have more fuzz than most other species.


I have two for both Abes.

Dear new members, I made something for you! (pictures for everyone!)

I have a few cool skins that I’ll upload in a few hours. :smiley:


##Behemoth skins!

Took some time to finish them up today! :smiley:

#Elite Alpha

#Bumble Bee

Thanks to @Mt_Everettand @Void_omega for showing me what a bumble bee looks like.

#Lady Bug or Lady Bub. :stuck_out_tongue:

Behemoth (changes and skins)
Cosplay and Fan Art

I need bumblebeehemoth!


I guess you can say, he has a bubble butt now. :laughing:


He called us fat!


They need to add Alpha Elite skins


I’m very sadden at this because I thought that it would’ve been a thing since they were very active in replying when people asked them about it.


#Cute Nurse Outfit

I know you’ll find your way here.

#Rusty Bucket

@RustyReviewsGaming for you mate.

Rusty Bucket (Bucket) and Cute Pink Nurse (Caira) Skins

I posted this a long time ago already, but I’ll do it again since everyone is posting their own skin ideas.