Stage 2: Performance Issues


I feel like im getting much less fps in Evolve Stage 2(most recent patch) than i should be. im getting like 40 FPS max on minumum settings (1920x1080). i feel like at the original patch for Stage 2 my FPS was ALOT higher like playing on medium settings still got me 70 FPS (or there abouts)
Specs -
Overclocked GTX 960
AMD FX 8350 (not overclocked)
BIOSTAR TA970 Motherboard
Corsair CX 600 Bronze Power Supply


Hey dude I found this article by Forceclaw and it helped me smooth up the game. My main issue was that I didn’t have the latest Nvidia driver. Just read up on some tweaks and fixes. Hope it helps you as well.


Please let us know if Valyn’s information helps!



Im afraid the change in settings didn’t help me, although i do very much respect Valyn for the attempt!

Like the artical said i adjusted my NVIDIA 3D settings to prefer performance, i verified to game cache, turned down the settings in game and also have been playing for many hours so the shader problem should not be an issue.

Any Further help would be much appreciated!

EDIT: apparantly turning up some of the settings accually didnt affect my performance and in some cases acctually increased the FPS. Although im still not sure about the whole minumum settings option acctually not increasing performance at all and i still think my frames should be higher so any more help would again be much appreciated :slight_smile:

FINAL EDIT: Problem was solved with the latest Hotfix by TRS