Stage 2 - PC - BUG - Picking Wraith ends up with game starting with Meteor Goliath (logged)



It’s a Very annoying bug, Happend 2 times in a row where I pick Wraith, Choose my skills and talents, game goes into a loading screen and when it starts the game choose Meteor Goliath insted, with no Talents and 1 point into every skill…

You can check my VoD on twitch to see excatlly what i’m doing it that might be causeing it, It happend 2 times in a row, jsut keep watching from 35 min 58 seconds Here -> in total it has happend 4 times now, 1 time yesterday and 1 time earlier today, + thoes 2 times on stream


Thanks for sharing, this is a known bug that is caused by the current free characters. You vids will help so thank you for sharing!


hi. i just experienced this same bug when trying to use the Gorgon, which is a bummer since i won the match and i need a win as Gorgon or 2 diff Hunter classes to finish a Periodic Challenge for a Treasure Chest

the only thing that happened between monster/hunter selection and the match was it said one of the player “connected” during the loading screen, then im suddenly the Meteor Goliath NOT the Gorgon and my Perk choices got wiped so i was much slower moving and feeding than i was hoping to be

hope it gets fixed soon, but figured i would add my story so its known it happens to Gorgon too