Stage 2: Not leveling (Resolved)


Have been locked at level 26 since the first stage 2 update/patch no exp gain on account, character levels are fine but player level has 0 exp to next level and hasn’t changed in over 18 hrs of gameplay.


That’s because the latest patch increased the threshold for levels 15 and up. So reason why you are stuck is because you are still catching up. Don’t worry, keep playing and report back in a couple of days if the issue still persists.

Progression Updates

  • Account progression has been slowed down after reaching account level 15
  • We found many users were getting to the higher levels too quickly, so we wanted to slow this down during our Beta period.
  • This may cause certain users past level 15 to experience slow progression, but once you get past the new level requirement the issue will be fixed.


Can you get me your Steam ID/Profile URL?

We deployed a fix yesterday that should have fixed this issue

  • Gertz




Hmmm, you sure thats the right link? It doesnt exist on our side or Steams side

  • Gertz



Looks like in your most recent game you started at 9,180 account-level experience, and gained 35 from the match which brought you to 9,215. The threshold for level 27 is 9,270, so you’re almost there. Higher account levels are significantly harder to get than higher character levels, so keep playing and you’ll keep progressing!


Thank you very much for the quick response :smiley: I love what you guys are doing I bought evolve on pc and xbox to support you guys! Keep it up!