Stage 2: No player model, no bullets, fellow hunters shiny and chrome. *with vids*



Hey guys, I was having issues in the games I tried playing today. Both times were as Caira, if that makes a difference. The hunter for Abel was always crazy shiny, as was bucket. Old-lady-in-the-mech hunter didn’t even appear. As Caira, my heal burst would work, but none of my bullets did, and the speed boost never seemed to have any effect (it possibly did and the bugginess just kept me from noticing a difference).

Whenever the matches started, because I didn’t have a character model, the camera sat halfway into the floor on the dropship, then turned crazy-sideways as the hunters dropped.

Here are links to vids of it in action:


Can you try doing Verify Integrity of Game Cash and see if you are still getting the problem after?


So I just saw on the Forums another user got the same issue you got and they tried the Verify Integrity of Game Cache and it fixed the issue for them. If you haven’t yet please try that and it should work if not please let me know.