Stage 2: More map revamps [poll]


Despite removing most of the predator and hunt nature of the game, I am so far enjoying the map changes. Not only do they play in combat better but aesthetically the maps really stand out more, they really took the bull by the horns with my biggest complaint of the maps in the past. In that the maps were all aesthetically and design wise was too similar to one another.

So I’m hoping that other than MedLab we’d get other kickass maps for the next set of revamps.

I’m really hoping that the next set of revamps include Refueling Tower and Barracks because they’re really fun to play on and has a very cool set up. Getting them reworked would be very cool and getting them real pretty will be cool, especially maps like Fusion Plant.

What maps do you guys like and looking forward to seeing?

  • Armory
  • Aviary
  • Barracks
  • Broken Hill Foundry
  • Broken Hill Mine
  • Fusion Plant
  • Refueling Tower
  • Rendering Plant
  • The Dam

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A poll I did on another thread had Dam, Fusion Plant, and Aviary in the top 3.


Aviary would be amazing if reworked, I always thought the location and style to be very unique compared to the other map.


Aviary is cool on paper, but a living hell in reality. The tunnelling system was far from perfect, and the vast open area surrounding the relay was all but fun. I’d rather they focus energy on Fusion Plant, since that’s already in a pretty solid place.


I am amazed at the appearance of the maps now. Console player, so from what I’ve seen on YouTube and the pics devs released on here lol. I would love to see what they could do with the Broken Hills.


Broken Hill maps are not salvageable. Let them burn with Legacy.


Hardly. With the new perk system, they’d be a lot more easy to navigate around for both hunters and monsters. Not to mention that breaking line of sight is just as easily on the four new maps as it was on the Broken Hills maps. Basically any reason you had for disliking those maps has become a part of the new maps.


That big gorge in the middle of Fusion Plant needs to be reworked. Maybe the map could be made bigger?
But with Aviary the tunnels need to change and then the area around the relay needs change, but after that it’s just adjusting foliage and changing landscape slightly.