Stage 2 monster with only 3 ability points, as well as other PC bugs


These are a few bugs that I have encountered on PC (roughly in order from least annoying to most annoying):

  • Occasionally the mouse is visible in-game, but this can be fixed by opening and closing the steam overlay a few times.
  • Occasionally the mouse is not visible in the menus, but this is solved the same way as above.
  • I was put into a game once where every character was being controlled by a human, and I was forced to spectate, unable to take over any bots. I could not bring up the menu to exit, so I had to alt-tab and right click Evolve in the task bar to close it.
  • I was playing a game as assault, and another player had a very strange character that they were playing. Their health bar was a darker blue (like Daisy’s), and their character was a thin, black robot-looking character. I don’t know what weapons and gear they had, but I saw them holding a chain gun that looked very similar to Hyde’s (I was playing Markov). After doing some research, it looks like this is a known bug where they spawned as a colonist soldier from the tutorial, but I figured I would still add it to my list nonetheless.
  • I’ve been able to escape a mobile arena with the Abduction ability of the Wraith. I was outside the range of the arena, and they threw the arena as I was flying out. I missed, and by the time I started flying back, the arena had fully formed (this part I’m sure about). However, I still flew back to where I started, through the edge of the arena.
  • The game occasionally won’t let me back out of a queue. Sometimes, I’ll click the back button, and it’ll stop the queue about 10-15 seconds later, while other times it won’t stop at all and I need to, like the spectator only game, alt-tab, right click Evolve on the task bar and close it that way.
  • When finishing a game, the screen sometimes cuts to black after showing my progress and how I compared to average (once the timer hits 0, and it would normally show the map recapping the game, that’s when I get just a black screen). The only way to get out of this is the same as above, alt-tab, task bar, close.
  • Sometimes, when I release my push-to-talk key, my mic stays on, as if I had open mic. This stays for at least 10-15 seconds, and then I can usually get rid of it by pressing the push-to-talk key again.
  • I don’t know if this is intentional, but in borderless windowed mode, alt-tabbing still minimizes the game for me. Most games that I use in borderless window mode will leave the game up when I select a window on my other monitor, just leaving it out of focus. However, Evolve minimizes the game completely as if it were in fullscreen mode.
  • When joining mid-game as a stage 1 monster, evolving to stage 2 removes your starting abilities, leaving you only 3 skill points total at stage 2. For example, I took over a stage 1 Kraken bot that had 1 point in lightning strike, 1 point in banshee mines, and 1 point in aftershock. When I evolved to stage 2, I put 2 points in lightning strike and 1 point in vortex. Once I finished evolving, I could no longer use banshee mines or aftershock, because the points were removed from them. Once I got to stage 3, I then got 6 more points to put into abilities, giving me the normal total of 9 at stage 3. However, the first time this happened to me, I was playing wraith, and once I got to stage 3 it then gave me only 5 points to spend, bringing me to a total of 8.

These are the only bugs I can remember that I have run into. Overall, this game is INCREDIBLY fun, and once these bugs are fixed (especially the last one), I will be an extremely happy person. Keep up the great work!

EDIT: Added a couple more bugs.

  • Sometimes I spawn as a hunter in first person in the dropsship, everyone else is repeatedly doing the first couple frames of their animation before the camera is supposed to be on them. The doors won’t budge and the others eventually vanish suddenly, I then jump into the abyss (through the shut door) and die.

  • Whenever I play solo the dropship just doesn’t work, as a monster hunters don’t spawn/respawn and as a hunter the team doesn’t jump out the dropship, nor does it open. The camera is stuck in the position it goes to before it turns to first person mode except everyone is just clinging on to the railing shaking about indefinitely.


Let me tell you a story…

I join a game in progress that hadsn’t started yet so I got to play from the start, but didn’t get to pick my Monster or skills. No biggie I thought I just get to stage 2 and fix it.

I get to stage 2 and there are no points in any of the skill, sweet I think I get all 6 that’s clever of Turtle Rock let me re-spend the points. HA I wish, I only got to spend 3 points and in doing so removed the flame breath and at stage 2 left me with a 2 point rock throw and a 1 point Leap Smash

As you can expect my next encounter with the tasty humans didn’t go well. I would usually have Rock, Leap and Charge by now allowing me to jab and weave around the humans. I escape their net wounded and while recovering still only at stage 2 after only about 20min of play (I checked the heat logs) I got the hunters will win in 2 min warning.

This mean’t I had to rush to stage 3 and run to the generator I go their with only 10 seconds left but with the disaster stage 2 and only 6 points at stage 3 and not having full armour due to rushing to the generator I did not last long frowning


Confirming. Exact same thing happened to me taking over a Goliath bot. The match hadn’t even started when I took control of Goliath. He was still chowing down on the thing in the intro right before you gain control of him.

I got 3 points at stage 2 (losing all 3 previous points) and then 5 more points at stage 3 for a total of 8 points.

This also happened to me. I suspect that I was meant to take control of a bot hunter that was dead, but I have no way to confirm this since I didn’t want to wait 2 minutes to find out. ALT+F4 works to close the game in this situation.

Key ghosting. It’s not an Evolve problem, it’s a problem with your keyboard. There are anti-ghosting techniques that can be applied at the application level, so technically TRS should be able to resolve this, but it might not be worth the hassle to do so. Change your push-to-talk key. I use one of my mouse buttons and I have never had another problem with stuck push-to-talk.


Its an AI character that gets included accidentally. Ebonstar or something…(Or if you are correct, then its the Colonist guy)

Spawning as an Ebonstar check this thread ?