Stage 2: Monster stuck while eating


I had a game as Goliath (in the bog map I think) where I ate the first (tiny bug) wildlife I could find (near spawn). I ended up getting stuck eating it, i couldnt stop or use abilities, it just ate and ate for 15 seconds until my evolve bar was almost full, then I could move again. When I ate something else my evolve bar instantly lost the extra points (back to 2 tiny bars).

I’m not sure why it happened. I might have clicked some unnecessary buttons at the time, I think I was trying to eat the other bug beside it and it got a little wonky, but I can’t really remember.


I don’t suppose you were able to capture video of the bug?


Afraid not.


Ok, figured I would ask. Let’s tag @dysa72 and the devs will take it from here.


Did you notice any lag? If you do see this again can you press “T” and see what your ping is? I have a theory this is related to some lag. We will try to repro on our end as well.


I didn’t notice any lag, the game seemed to be running pretty smoothly at the time, but lag seems like the logical explanation. I’ll check my ping if it happens again. Thanks.