Stage 2: Minor Bug When Selecting Abilities


Delete post? I’ve been unable to reproduce, had some facts wrong. Still confident there’s an issue here and will repost when I stumble across it again.

Monster, Goliath
Very Minor
Avoidable if you don’t click to fast and/or are paying attention

If you click to select an ability and move onto the next ability ‘too quickly’, even though you see the up arrow and a slot being filled to indicate it’s been selected, that’s not actually the case. It’s only an issue when you run out of points and move onto the next screen and do not notice, which is unlikely when it happens in half a second when moving fast.

It’s happened to me a couple of times now, caught it on my stream the other night which is how I discovered it. I had gone into a game and didn’t have an ability and figured I made a mistake until I went back to check and realized I had not.

I do not know if the ability point is lost or if it’s spent on the following selected ability. When I realized the issue I gave the hunters a free win cause it’s annoying not having the kit I want and I’d rather get onto the next game, so have not made it to stage 2 to see how the points were spread out.


Thank you for the report I can look into this in the morning when we get back in. Do you think it would be possible for you to repro and attach a video here?


I don’t see an option to attach a video file. Am I just missing it?
Or do you mean attach as in link?
Looking for clarification for future reference, as it’s not currently needed here.

I’ve been unable to reproduce with about an hour of testing and in the only video evidence I have, shows I had two important major points wrong in my OP that completely reclassifies this into an even more minor issue IMO. :unamused:

-The up arrow did NOT appear over the ability box. (I could have sworn I re-watched that happening, either I was 100% wrong or I didn’t get that instance on video.)
-The slot indicating a spent point was also not filled, it was some sort of a red flash. (That I now realize with testing flashes across all the boxes when you’re done spending points.)

The audio cues that even indicate how many points are spent (there are three distinct cues for each ability level) align perfectly with what’s selected on screen.

I swear I’m not crazy! :confused:
I know you need more to go on.

I’ll run into it again and hopefully will be recording at the time and vindicate myself. :slight_smile:
…assuming it doesn’t get patched first. :frowning:

Thanks for all your hard work, loving Stage 2 so far!