Stage 2: Meteor Goliath Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Check out advice from Legacy Evolve Meteor Goliath players!

Good Build for Meteor Goliath
Stage 2: General Monster Strategy, Tips and Advice
Meteor Goliah perks and skills


Go Hunger, Insatiable Hunger, then Evolved Claws all Tier 3, eat fast, run faster, destroy at Stage 1!

Dump 2 points into either Leap Smash or Rock Throw to maximize damage output, and put 2 points into Dash to speed away when needed. For your next evolution, maximize whatever your first two choices were, then get whatever ability you’re missing other than Fire Breath, as you want as much damage as possible, and Fire Breath is AoE damage mostly.

Hoenstly, this build is pretty cool though it may seem unreliable at first being all over the place, simply target the medic, hit him a few times, use abilities and take everyone else out!

Haven’t lost a game since, on a seven game streak thus far,

but see you later! Hope this helped, off to play some more Evolve!


But also, for third evolution if you reach it, max out everything but leave Fire Breath. No Fire Breath.


What’s wrong with fire breath though? It’s probably one of my favorite skills, so good for when Hunters start cheesing me or if I need to smash deployables.

And it’s fantastic for hunting and feeding.


Yeah, Fire Breath is an all-around useful utility skill for both Goliaths. It always has been.


When S2 hits consoles, would this be a good build?
S1: 1 RT 1 LS 1 FB 1 CH
S2: 1 RT 2 LS 2 FB 2 CH
S3: 2 RT 2 LS 3 FB 2 CH

Minor: Haste
Major: Mutated Recovery
Superior: Evolved Claw

@Insane_521 @LadieAuPair
How’s that perk chart coming?


We haven’t even been in the office! Give us some time! Haha


Oh yeah that’s right you guys are in California with Pacific Standard Time.


I found that when using Goliath and toying with Meteor Goliath that taking
out the hunters was a lot easier thanks to Rock Throw, Leap Smash, and
Charge, i also found that using those three abilities at their best tier is
better for damage output for hunters and even wildlife as well, simply
personal preference, not hating on it or anything, but maximizing damage
output is best when using those three abilities.


To be honest the fire breath is my favorite skill and so is rock throw, but I’m pretty new to that game so I guess I’ll take your advice and see how it plays.


I find it really important to level Rock Throw asap, because of the increased AoE. Any good hunter will save his boost to dodge out of your abilities, because they are pretty predictable. Increased AoE + the %slow perk will help you land your abilities.

So IMO the best build is: Bronze Hunger, Silver Mutated Claw, Golden Ability Cooldown or Golden Evolved Claw.

S1: 2RT, 1LS, 0FB, 1CH
S2: 3RT, 2LS, 1FB, 1CH,
S3: 3RT, 3LS, 1FB, 1CH

or if you prefer FB, then 3FB 1LS


As Goliath don’t give the hunters room to breathe when in combat. Be relentless.
Goliath has great knockback with most of his attacks and melee. I don’t mean spam his attacks. You’ll need to aim and use them wisely. always be on the move when domed and use your abilities and knockback to corner and single out hunters. When hunters are knocked around they have a harder time to focus on aiding other hunters (medic and support). When pushed into corners and walls hunters are easy to attack and use heavy hitting abilities on. Don’t waste your time with assault when he uses his damage resistance with high health (if he uses it with low health he won’t be much of a problem)
Goliath is at his best when he is right up in the hunter’s faces.
Goliath’s abilities are very easy to string together and use consecutively. You can use leap smash to aim down at hunters and crash land onto them. But when in close range you can quickly tap the button as a full frontal attack (this can be a bit tricky with meteor Goliath because he has much more range with his leap smash and might over shoot the hunters when quickly tapping the button). A good combo would be to use charge to knock them forward (and split up the group), tap leap smash on hunter of choosing (if others are caught in the AOE that’s great!), pull out your rock throw and finish them off. Fire breathe also has its uses to dispose of support shields on all 4 hunters and has often enough come in handy to finish off that low health hunter just out of reach while my rock throw is on cool down.

The main difference between Goliath and meteor goliath is that Goliath does more initial damage, but meteor Goliath does more damage over time since his attacks set others on fire. With M Goliath you’ll want to focus on attacking the entire hunter squad instead of just singling hunters out. When all hunters are on fire the medic will have more work to deal with. Be sure to still focus down on single hunters low on health to finish them off, M Goliath is still a brawler.


I would also recommend seeing some videos by Evolve Some Pie. He’s an insanely good Goliath player.


@skills4u2envy My general advice would be to spread out the damage as much as possible. The Meteor Goliath’s strength is definitely that all of it’s abilities set the hunters on fire. This you wanna take advantage of, so try to keep switching targets. Keep those hunters cooking, and eventually, you’ll exhaust the healer to the point where you can start taking people out :slight_smile:!


I like:

S1: Leap 2, Flame 1, Charge 1
S2: Rock 2, Leap 2, Flame 2, Charge 1
S3: Rock 3, Leap 3, Flame 2, Charge 1

Perks: Hunger, Mutated Claw, Evolved Haste

Feed fast, move fast. That’s how Goliath likes it.


My personal build for meteor Goliath is:
S1:2 rt 1 fb 1 ch
S2:3 rt 2 fb 1 ls 1 ch
S3:3 rt 3 fb 2 ls 1 ch
Major:mutated claw
Superior:evolved recovery

Fire breath is so useful. It’s low cooldown, good range, and easy to hit with. The only reason I don’t have it at level two at stage one is rock throw is great for dealing with hunters should you be caught in an early dome. Leap smash is good at damage but in my experience rock throw is easier to hit with, lower cooldown, and also can be used to help keep distance from you and the hunters. Charge is high cooldown but never underestimate it’s ability to divide the hunters up. Unstopable gives you very good surviablaity and if you can play the dome game well lowers the time required to get to full armor, thus making the rest and recover a more viable strat. mutated claw makes it so all of your attacks are dots, allowing you to widdle down the hunters health. Evolved recovery makes it so you can use those high damage ablites more. Imo it’s better to have the faster cooldowns over the greater damage with melee attacks, since on the whole they will do the most damage. If you manage the cooldowns of your traversals and ablities with things like leap smash and charge meteor goliath is very mobile and quick enough on his own, which is why I take unstopable over haste myself. However whatever matches your own play style best is always better. You can make what others would consider a bad build work just cause it suits you.


I can see why some people don’t like fire breath but I all ways go 1 fire breath 1 leap and 2 charge. I like the breath let’s u take out creatures easier and gives u a little more sustain damage. Then at teir 2 I pour everything into rock throw. Then I max leap off 3.