Stage 2: Matchmaking is struggling

People dropping in and out, stuck on a whole team that’s found, also it seems to find a lot of spectators too?



Is this in Quick Play? Or customs?

I just had this happen to me in quickplay twice in a row.

For me, it finds all four players seemingly at once. If I hit character profiles I can see all the players and they’re muted for me as we haven’t been placed into a lobby yet.

It just never places you into the lobby, instead it continues to search as if no game has been found.


Same Issue here, can’t get into game at all. Had the issue two ours ago, its still here.

  • Its on quick match
  • restarted the game
  • I verified game integrity in steam
  • restarted steam

Any clues for the fix?

I had a game that came up with a “no servers found” error in quickplay, I definitely get the feeling that occasionally the servers are wigging out a bit.

Restarting Computer Helped… derp

I’ve been getting this too.

Had a few people get this internally as well, rarer than the black screen post round but may be related.

Looking into it

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Is that where after the round ends and you hit continue you get a black screen and have to alt f4 to get out?

Thats the one

I’ve only encountered it once but I’ve encountered the other one 6-7 times. But i’ve only played 4 matches.

This is happening to me currently, not sure why, I gave up though :confused:

If it helps I got around it by occasionally exiting matchmaking and then joining it again.

I’m also frequently getting this issue.

Thanks bud. <3

I’m having the following problem when trying to play with friends:

My biggest problem with MM is being forced to find new players every round. You should have to option to back out and re-search if you want…
But I’ve already come across some pretty nice people, but I’m forced to find new ones nonetheless. I can’t even have a conversation with anyone new.


It’s quick play. A lot of time once you played a game you will NEVER find another team before you start matchmaking again, it just stucks on “searching”, and a lot of times when you found all 5 players it still stucks in searching too…

I’ve had the searching bug several times, I just backed out and it fixed it when I rejoined the que.

We are working on this bug right now…turning out to be far harder to track down than we thought

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