Stage 2: Matchmaker hates parties (logged)


I’ve been playing the new evolve stage two with a few of my friends, and the matchmaker seems to delight in disbanding parties. It will disband our party even before we start searching for a match, and most of the time when we do start it will put us all in separate matches, even when we all ave our first preference as difference classes. Seems odd that a game with such an emphasis on teamwork would have this much trouble managing parties.



Yeah we are trying to track this guy down, this along with the post round black screen and a full match not proceeding forward.

  • Gertz


Glad to know you guys are aware of it <3

Great game otherwise, glad to see the playerbase is up.


Glad you are enjoying the game. Please keep reporting any issues you see with as much info as possible we appreciate it :grinning:


In hindsight, I can’t believe I didn’t call this post “Matchmaker is a party pooper.” Ah, the missed opportunities.