Stage 2: Maps, How are They?


How are the 4 maps feeling to all of you? Distillery is shockingly large now with large parts added making it feel like a hunting ground. Orbital Drill is mostly the same, Weather Control has a bit more save and new relay area, and I haven’t fought on Wraith Trap.
Also I decree we call all redesigned maps Stage 2 Maps


Disorientating. I find myself wondering where I am and then suddenly feel at home again. It’s going to take some time to forget the old map knowledge and work in the new.


It feels weird to think you know where you’re going, and then their’s a wall. Or their’s an entire sub area next to that spot you used to just run through.


They’re very not-Broken Hill, which disappoints me. Other than that they’re pretty damn good. I can’t say I’ve noticed the weather effects much, but most of my games have ended in under 5 minutes after I hit stage 2…


Amazing they feel so huge, as a monster I feel like I can get away finally :slight_smile: .


The maps are great, lots of stuff I don’t recognize, and they’re definitely bigger. There are only 4, however, so that was a bit disappointing when I saw it. Expected the full roster to choose from.

Oddly enough, though, they’ve also managed to actually lower my framerate, despite them being better optimized. Lost maybe 20 FPS on average. Probably just a bug, but it could also be the size of the maps having increased.


Less toxic :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I have had some low/inconsistent framerates too.


[poll name=‘Maps_To_Be_Revamped’ type=multiple min=1 max=4]

  • Fusion Plant
  • Dam
  • Rendering Plant
  • Refueling Tower
  • Broken Hill Foundry
  • Armory
  • Barracks
  • Aviary
  • Medlab
  • Broken Hill Mines
    [/poll]Hey guys, if you were to choose 4 maps to be redesigned next (a new map is not a valid answer to this question as that is an variabal we can’t predict), which ones would you pick?
    I honestly think Fusion Plant should get top priority as it was the first map ever shown and it was what we saw Evolve as until E3.
    Here’s a poll.


Oh god, I’m so completely disoriented now (although that’s not a bad thing). I’m so used to things being in certain places, and then I stand there in shock for two seconds every time they’re not there. Distillery hit me the hardest since it was my favorite map pre-stage 2 and it’s so completely different from the original. Just gonna take some getting used to, that’s all.


Fusion Plant, Dam, and Aviary would be great picks for a redesign IMO.


Wait, there’s only four maps now?



I would love it if foundry could be redesigned. I love the idea of the map being indoors and the like but it being too small and just too easy to find the monster made it a worse map than most.


Seems like Fusion Plant, Dam, and Aviary are the top picks.
@Insane_521 hint hint. We wants it.


Thanks so much for making this poll! We love to know what you guys want. :smile:


I at least want Fusion Plant to be in the next batch of redesigns. And it seems like Dam is the most wanted with Aviary in third. And then everything else is tied (except medlab which is dead last)


I really want a Dam redesign since I loved the idea and shape of the map in Legacy but it ended up not being very fun to play. Also, it was the first map I played on in the beta :smiley_cat: