Stage 2: MAJOR BUG: No Dropship / Hunter Permadeath


Abe got killed by a Megamouth, went to dropship. Timer was at 35 seconds…

for the rest of the match
Abe never came back. Apparently, Megamouths have the power to cause Permadeath and it suddenly became UltraRealistic Hardcore Evolve Permadeath MLG mode.

#Basically, Abe died and the Dropship never brought him back for the entire game.


gg megamouth!


I think it’s a bug with wraith trap. I also noted that hunters weren’t respawning when I was playing Kraken once I hit stage 3. @mizx You guys know about this? No idea what is causing it, but for me the dropship timer even disappeared while I was fighting them. If anything I think it has to do with the overtime/3 minutes left mechanic. No idea how, but that seems to be what ties our two cases together. May just be coincidence though.


never seen or even heard of this! @Insane_521?


We can name it the Breaker Bug :blush:


We’ll start looking into this. Is it with Wraith Trap that this keeps happening?

EDIT: All info you can give me will help us find a solution


Oh god… an hardcore gamemode like this would be damn awesome xD


We need a gamemode like this


I’ll generate a full report when I get home


I’ve only ever had it happen on Wraith Trap.


NVIDIA Geforce 645
Windows 10
HP Phoenix
Core i7

Playing on Wraith Trap
Abe killed by Megamouth
Hunter Switch Bug
Abe was an A.I. (Which I think was the problem)
1280 x 720 Resolution
Medium settings
All hunters had less than 100 ping

I don’t really know how to make these but ask me anything and I’ll do my best to help!


Dude that is awesome! Thank you!

I’ll get over to the live team since we’re getting more reports of this on Wraith Trap, so we’ll see what we can do. Thanks for your time!