Stage 2: Lost Progress Points After Winning Ranked Match



Hi everyone,

just had a short discussion with @ToiletWraith in the discord channel and she suggested posting it here.

So I’ve been trying to rank up with my monster and got ranked Silver 1. I was around 1590 - 1595 progress points at the time. After a few matches I had this fight against three no-ranks and one Silver 1. I won the match and then saw my progress bar decreasing. When I peeked at the leaderboards my progress points decreased to 1588.

I’m not sure if this is intended (admittedly the match was pretty close), so if it is just close the topic. Otherwise: If I can provide more info about this potential bug, I’m happy to help.


Moved to bugs because it’s not a forum bug, also I’m a grill but no offense taken. :slight_smile:
Hope someone can help!


Fixed and sorry about the wrong section. Thanks for moving. : )


It may not be a bug, it may be that the game isn’t confident enough on your rank and so has lowered your points despite your win. There was a big post about this somewhere around, but essentially if you’ve played less than 20-50 ranked games (including placement) then your points value can still vary fairly wildly at times.

@citizenphnix is the dude to ask here though.


We are working on getting everyone some information as to what’s going on - hang tight!