Stage 2: LOD transitions are too agressive


I think the LOD transitions are too agressive. I play the game on Very High and I can see a lote of grass and bushes rendering a few metres in front of me.
I know this is a form of optimization, but it wasn’t like this before. Before I never noticed it, now it’s really noticeable. Maybe increase the LOD limit a bit for the high-end graphics?


Hey, is this in general or a specific map or area of a map that you see this?


I noticed this too after falling from the tall cliff as Markov in the tutorial, a lot of foliage kept popping in as I was getting closer to the ground


I’ll try to get a video later today. I noticed it most obviously in the monster tutorial.


I’ll take a look, thanks!


Ok got it wrong, it’s most obvious in the Markov tutorial, just like @ReisseBoi97 said: at the big drop.

I’ll keep my videothing running in the background, when I notice it in any other level I’ll let you know :slight_smile: