Stage 2: Lennox Strategy, Tips and Advice

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Greetings, I’m a fellow new player to Evolve however I would call my self half experienced now. I’ve just started picking up on Lennox and she’s just a badass bae, I’ve been wondering what type of perks should I be running. For the moment I’ve just been using Damage Increase perks that aren’t completely upgraded but seems to be working so far considering I can do a whopping 400 damage with my lance. xd

I can’t really find that perfect perk for Lennox. I’ve played Lennox since Legacy and I thought she was pretty good. But after her changes in this game, i can’t get a good perk for her. Here are what I have tried so far.

Full damage
Damage/Damage/Poison (extra 12 damage between each strike)
Full movement speed or Jetpack (to keep up with the monster and land each lance strike)
Damage/CCD/CCD or Damage/DR/DR (I always get my ass kick as Lennox)

I know that reload does not do anything with her plasma lance ( Tried it in Legacy and Stage 2) It does nothing but help reload thunder strike and the cannons.

The biggest problem i have with her is that she has to get so close to the monster that the monster can be melee a hunter in front and hit you while your behind the monster. Also lots of monster abilities will hit you and cause the multiplier to reset. Some people have said to use the auto cannon over the lance. So if you have tips for playing her or perk selection let me know.

The perk set I haven’t tested properly but that I want to try more is:

Rocket man/Cybernetic Implacts/Rocket Lord

I feel that Lennox does best when she can avoid the damage that gets turned her way, and so jump height helps to really get out of dodge while not actually getting too far away.

Infravision instead of Rocket man is something I know can be useful if facing monsters in areas with lots of obstructions so that you can reliably do damage through the environment with the lance too.

How to play Lennox 2016

  1. Find a rock to camp on.

  2. Switch to Autocannon.

  3. Fire Autocannon.

Even if you can somehow manage to constantly maintain the maximized damage multiplier with her Plasma Lance (which, let’s face it, will never happen against good Monster players) then great, you’ll maybe do like 10% more damage than Markov does but with 300% more risk due to your close proximity to the Monster.

You can jump in front of the occasional Rock Throw easier if you stay close to the Monster though.

Lennox’ burst damage ceiling has been hit so hard with the nerf bat that in 9/10 situations it’s best to stick to your Autocannon. It’s five times safer, easier to use, delivers a steadier damage output and unlike the Plasma Lance it isn’t rendered almost entirely useless depending on which character the Monster player blindly picked.

And every time you might be doing slightly more damage with the Plasma Lance than with the Autocannon, consider the fact that you’re now making your Medic’s job twice as hard by placing yourself right in the danger zone.

With her it’s a hit and miss depending on the Monster you’re fighting.

Best bet is is just float above or stay directly behind them (with your fellow Hunters being on the other side as they get pummeled).

Stay at the very edge of the Lance’s range of possible. The thing with Lennox is that she and Blitzkov demand the most attention out of all the Assaults and can probably provide better damage than any other Assault in the long run.

Also need to make sure to only use your Thunderstrike if you’ve lost your stacks and the Monster is moving away or if you’re about to be pounced (so they pounce right into your strike which can save a match if you’re the last one).

Of course since it seems that they reduced the damage the Lance provided (lul wut?) and increased the AA Gun’s damage while making it more likely to deal damage to the Monster… maybe just sitting back and going PewPew all day isn’t such a bad idea especially vs a Wraith who hits everything.

But with all that said… why even pick Lennox? Blitzkov, Hyde and even Parnell (he’s shined a bit in my eyes lately) are better more consistent choices.

Hyde is super easy to use.

Blitzkov Mines and Tesla Gun damage are supreme.

Parnell has the A-Game when chasing and hurting the Monster at the same time.

Hell even OG Markov would probably be a better choice… and he kinda sucks really in the “Damage when you need it!” Department. At least he kills those pesky crabs and Reavers in a fancy lightshow and not inhumanely like Hyde does… that sick but loveable bastard.

Plasma lance is useless compared to autocannon. Take full dmg or full rocket king perks and use autocannon while staying close (well, you should stay close to the monster as any assault), it has lower dps than other assaults weapons (markov lightning gun is 180, while autocannon without perks is 175) but it has giant clip and can keep doing some dmg when monster is running away and while closing the distance in dome. It’s a bit strange how devs changed her role from closest range assault to longest range assault (again, you should stay close to monster, but you don’t need to change weapon to dmg monster from far away). Plasma lance need either a buff or rework btw.

so…what, we don’t have any use for the plasma lance anymore?

Sure you do, in burst situations it deals way more than the auto canon, so if you are close to the monster you absolutely want to be using it

It doesn’t though.

I tried just using the auto cannon with all damage and damage/damage/PB and it does seem to work better then the lance but it makes me feel like a noob that i can’t use the lance but at the same time its sad that the auto cannon show better results. I mean the auto cannon with full damage does 41 per bullet and does 164 dps. That’s kinda a fair amount of damage.

164 dps with dmg perks? It does something about 170 without perks.
Also, don’t think that playing against kraken is auto loss. Just practice tracking with autocannon and unless kraken is staying at the other end of dome you should land about 80% of your shots (that 20% missed is from moments when he uses traversal, not autocannon inaccuracy), also it’s good at shooting banshee mines (which your trapper/support should do anyway) due to splash damage + thunder strike on kraken each time he launches aftershock on ground and you should do good.

So what led to the decision of destroying an assaults weapon?

ask the Goliaths