Stage 2 Lazarus Perks

A friend and I are trying out Lazarus Battle Cabot for cloak shenanigans, what perks would those in the know recommend for Laz (or Cabot, but primarily Laz).

With Lazarus, it is all about keeping your team alive for as long as possible. Lazarus therefore needs double class cooldown perks for faster healburst recharge. (Especially since there is no Bucket involved)

You might want to try the “increased health received” perks for each hunter to see if this helps.

Otherwise, I would suggest for Babot is bronze dodge thrust and double reload perks (for faster recharge of cloak field and nuke) OR also double cooldown perks for faster shield recharge.

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600 HP every 9 seconds.

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Have you tried playing Laz with other hunters who have the new perks @Terepin?

That’s why I wrote it.

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Ah! Sorry about that. And is that with both the silver and gold perks equipped?


20% of 500 is 100 so it is 600 hp per 9 s.

so essentially 66hps

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The thing is, if lazarus isn’t attacked, it’s either Support or perhaps Trapper. In that case, mobility or survivibility perks would be better.

Although Babot can make things interesting with his cloak in between Lazarus cloak or just before someone goes down so the monster doesn’t know where the incapacitated hunter is.

@Buznik, if you could record some gameplay, I would be very interested in watching how things go :slight_smile:

Honestly a good set for the B-Cabot running with Laz would be reload for the orbital concealment to be up more often, as well as having trapper have the “heal me more” perks, and Laz running Leader/command. That way you’ll be able to keep the weakest potential link (support shield and OC notwithstanding) up more often, unless you’re in a two-man in which case itemize yourselves and try to use your skill to outdo what your other teammates might not be able to do.

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