[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



Honestly, that’s not even my concern. She looks like a S3 monster with a little bit of armor glow to her, and I have no objection to that. I mean that her arms are literally hard to see against her body such that I had to really examine her to figure out what was going on with her arm structure.


Holy crap that is amazing. You should try to become an artist for video games or any form of media.


Me waiting patiently for that Kali art.


So first let me thank you for the input. That’s super useful feedback!

I’ll try to make the arms and structure more distinct when I start with the refinement. Like I mentioned, the shading, highlights and color variations hopefully will help with that. In case that fails, I could always try to change their positions. Although with how dense her anatomy is I worry that that might not do the trick either. I’ll figure it out eventually!

Thank you!
Man I wish! That’s what I originally always wanted to do, but everyone always told me that was not a safe choice to make when it came to choose what to pursue in university. It will forever stay my favorite hobby, though.


You can always give it a try, like in “internship”. It will give you an idea of what it trully is, giving you a better opinion about if it suits you or not.



You know that game where there are a whole bunch of wires and you have to find the right wire to win? This is totally what I’m doing with her 6 different arms…I think 6


i imagine it’s more a case of becoming a video game concept artist is very competitive. You either need to be really good or know the right people. Or a bit of both.




I can’t decide if this needs context or not


those who know… know. ^.^ those who don’t… might have a fun search on their hands.


This looks like something I made but I’m pretty sure I didn’t


Fixed it for you


You are correct I hope I didn’t make it lol. Then again I was super cringy awhile back so it’s a possibility I did but again I hope I didn’t :joy:


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I really like the rendition.